The Scientific Method as a Tool for Faith Formation

If we don’t interrogate our faith, we run the risk of living a divided life and never fully embodying God’s deepest desire for creation.
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refreshing thinking. Daring young people to do the experiment to trust in God and to become evidence of his work in us humans? Those who don’t are "armchair scientists.

After all, Luther suggested to talk rationally about our faith:

To suppress these very telling arguments of the laity by force instead of answering them with adequate reasons would be to expose the church and the pope to the ridicule of their enemies and to render Christians unhappy.

Thus we shall answer the 10 questions that every intelligent Christian must answer of Marshall Brain, the author of “how God works”, e.g. as he, the owner of the “how stuff works” domaine beliefs: as a delusion tool. Using the key element of science, e.g. critical thinking and apply them to his questions gives amazing results, if we trust in God and not his or our own preconceptions but analyse Marshall Brains and our own presuppositions for materialistic thinking and prejudices. They are the reason for so many scientists and non scientists to fail when it comes to faith in God.

Carry on to encourage people to be the experiment and become the evidence for God.

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Nice article. Ten bonus points for quoting Parker Palmer! I love him. :relaxed: