The rise of "based" YECs

Has anyone noticed the trend recently of more and more Christians turning to YEC, (and sometimes geocentrism) particularly from within the Catholic and High Churches?

My thoughts are that this may be a fad, as the title says, it may just be to appear “based” (as us zoomers say), it nonetheless has the risk of further damaging the reputation of the church.

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Is this something you’ve personally noticed from being in these church environments, or does it come from stats or surveys?

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“Based” or “biased”?

OK boomer. XD (But then, I’m one too. ; - )

I’m not finding any definition of “basedl that helps me understand your question. Bummer.


Google says points to… what does based mean in zoomer slang - Google Search


It’s also having an uncommon opinion too I think.


I think (probably along with Laura here) that we should see some stats before losing too much sleep over it. Anecdotal is not necessarily accurate, though there could be something there.

It takes me by surprise to know of Catholics (and I do know of one or two) who I think are pretty much YEC since that isn’t what their particular denomination gets from the Vatican.

If there were something to your suspicion, perhaps part of the drive is just to not be seen as going along with “the experts” or mainstream stuff. Conspiracy delusions are all the rage these days after all.


And have been since 9/11. :roll_eyes:

You’re very young. :wink:

Says my fellow septuagenarian. :grin:

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Mostly from Twitter and YouTube apologists, but there seems to be more and more of them.

I provided a visual write-up with good responses showing scientifically it is both young and old that you can share to ease any disagreements.


I find this very hard to believe. People are YEC because they are taught it in childhood. Just like smoking.

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At first I was wary of what beaglelady says here because it is so similar to the irrationality I hear from atheists about religious people in general.

But look up the following on google…

“why I no longer believe in YEC”

“why I no longer believe in evolution”

The first yields many results with lots of testimonies. The second gives you nothing. Sure you get plenty of people defending YEC or evolution. But people changing their mind seem to be from YEC to evolution rather than visa versa. The only reason I see this as ongoing is because the YEC people are having more children to indoctrinate with their obstinate dogma.

And yes a google search does find this to be an intentional strategy…


Now, many are being revealed as conspiracy facts intentionally labeled theories. But the theory moniker still holds some weight, although diminishing as truths are being revealed.

The things that are lining up, hold on.

I’m not getting what you’re saying.

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I’m too jaded any more to trust how an author mis/quotes another author. I hate to feel this way. But the article you shared quoted DeYoung right (and I’m not surprised by that, since you shared it).
Below is the original blog post, which may even be worse than “your” article.
I currently attend the church De Young used to pastor. We’ve visited there for a few years on civic holidays, because they preach the Gospel there on those days, too, rather than the American Flag. We were diappointed, when he left. Now, not so much. It seems like he has gone off the deep end. (Or we just never really knew that much about him.)


I don’t know enough about what is going on in non-protestant churches, and maybe even most protestant churches. But I’ve seen enough “Christian fads” to shudder at the thought of more. The horrible damage that they do is lasting and spreads and morphs. You are right that these things damage the reputation of the church. We look more and more like used car salesmen.


Unfortunately, it may be that the majority of those no longer believing in YEC, also no longer believe in Christianity. But what can you expect when so many of these YEC churches have constantly been teaching that evolution is equivalent to atheism?


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