The Religious Opt Out for Masks (Homeschool Co-op Edition)

Do you remember iron lungs in hospitals? I do and you’re old enough, and maybe you’ve had a polio vaccine??


There isn’t supposed to be such a distinction, the government enacts policies that are meant to best support the people in our homes. Unfortunately, not all children have the same blanketed care and resources to keep them safe from a disease or from spreading it to others, and there is much difficulty in creating and enforcing policies that help the most. Our histories of vaccinating our children presently as well as over the past couple of centuries, plus all of the health data, have shown that a very effective “blanket” way to care for the population is through vaccination. So if that’s what the question gets boiled down to, there must be a better question out there.


I agree, Paige, that vaccines are valuable and important.

If you thought that I was trying to say something negative about vaccines, I don’t know why,

I thought the topic of the thread was masks. I will go back and read the opening post again.

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I apologize, I don’t mean to assume your stance is anti-vaccine. I was latched on to your question about the either-or nature of who makes decisions for our children, because so much is framed this way and breaking through the division of the spectrum is difficult.


If there had been masks mandated and exemplified last year instead of politicized and identified with ‘freedom’ and machismo, we would be way better off today, too.


You are correct, and I definitely have religious exemptions for masks and vaccines on the mind!

Before this is over, there will be parents who will very painfully wish they had supported universal masking in schools, and strenuously.

We [used to :roll_eyes:] trust government to have access to experts that we do not and make blanket recommendations for public health and safety. To deviate from that and politicize it is foolish in the extreme and in effect promoting anarchy.

Now everyone is an “expert” thanks to the Internet and social media.

My sister-in-law told my wife and I that we were taking the mark of the beast by getting vaccinated. She literally used this line of argumentation: “I’ve watched twelve different videos on Youtube about this.” I kid you not. This is the extent of some people’s “research”.

Edit: I should note that there are experts on Youtube and that there is valuable information that can be gleaned there. But I can assure you that the videos she was watching weren’t put out by the CDC.


A woman who used to be a dear friend is a conspiracist. Her family and friends have been severely affected. :disappointed_relieved: She’s been kicked off Facebook at least twice, I think, and all her email to me, multiple per day, goes to spam because every one has a link, most to bitchute or YouTube.

Thanks, Paige.

I have repeatedly encouraged people to get vaccinated. The vaccines are extremely helpful.

There are other practices pushed very hard by people which are likely not justifiable. And reasonable people with good judgment and good intentions disagree on those — the appropriate venues and ages for masks is one of those practices of disagreement.

I would hope we can discuss those views and agree to agree or disagree without animosity.


Do the same for masking in schools. It’s not a death sentence… it might be if they don’t.

…based on internet ‘research’.


[quote=“03Cobra, post:34, topic:46717”]
There are other practices pushed very hard by people which are likely not justifiable.

What do you have in mind?

The last time I mentioned one, my post was deleted.

So I had better not say.

I will private message the answer, if you desire.


Yes we did have this massive Georgia thread:

That was a fun one where you began by arguing Georgia would hit herd immunity soon as of August 22nd:


Or similarly 7 days later you argued Sweden was at herd immunity:

August_29_Sweden Herd Immunity

I won’t say anything about that 500 post back and forth on personal freedoms/choices and public health. But it seems that there are certain reasons why you concluded we were close to herd immunity then despite the opposite consensus from the scientific community. I would hope that such shortfalls can be learned from and not repeated in future posts, but you are welcome to post what you want with the possibility it could receive some moderation.


Thanks, Matthew.

Even the experts have been wrong about this disease — and that is why we are 18 months into the 15 days to slow the spread.

But that was not the post that was deleted. It had to do with the need for children to wear masks outdoors. And it was last week.

But I did comment to the opening post giving my thoughts on the document you posted yesterday about this time, as you asked, and you did not respond…

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Unfortunately, the source of this “15 days” was not an expert in any such related field at all, and is someone that many people believed. Health officials, admitting they didn’t know enough about the virus, encouraged people to take it seriously. When health officials implored people to not buy masks, it was because there simply weren’t enough for the people who had to deal with the virus on the frontlines.


Where did that come from?


Yes, if you would like a different example of experts getting it entirely wrong, the declaration that a lab leak was a discredited conspiracy theory is one.

Like the former head of the CDC, I think the lab leak is the most likely source.

And now that the FOIA requests have supplied more proof, it is even more likely.

Another example is the CDC claim that “less than 10%” of the COVID cases came from outdoor exposure. That was a gross exaggeration (based on misapplied construction work in Singapore!), and even the liberal New York Times called them out on the error.

So experts have often been wrong, and people need to recognize the fluidity of the assumed facts.

It is beneficial to discuss the possibilities, Paige, and I appreciate your posts.

Why must you goad me like that?

Sounds good.

That could be. I’m not sure how you would go about evaluating whether a parent is overestimating the potential impact of COVID-19 on their child, especially not knowing their medical and family history.

So this number was surprisingly low for you?

The risk of kids dying is low, therefore… we don’t need no stinking masks.


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