The quest for consonance: theology and the natural sciences

What is the relationship between faith and reason, theology and philosophy, religion and science?
The Quest for Consonance: Theology and the Natural Sciences is a Catholic conference being held right now at the University of Notre Dame. Their program is quite impressive. I’ll post a link to the talks when it becomes available.


So people won’t leave empty-handed (or empty-eyed?) … I thought I’d post this very short trailer produced by The Smithsonian, about the fossil rich territories of South Africa …

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Thank you Beagle Lady for posting this link.

There are quite a few books on this topic. I’ll list them in order that they were published (as near as I can remember)
by author and / or title
Dr. Stephen M. Barr, Modern Physics and Ancient Faith;
Rev. Dr. John Polkinghorne, FRS.(a theoretical physicist who became an Anglican Minister)…many, many good paperbacksl;
Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action Collections of papers on conferences called by Pope St. John Paul II on quantum mechanics, quantum cosmology, evolution, neurolosciences, chaos theory, intersections with philosophy, theology, science.
Dr. Stacy Trasancos, Particles of Faith
and, finally (please excuse the shameless self-promotion)
Dr. Robert Kurland, Science and the Church–“Truth Cannot Contradict Truth”