"The Queen of Dying": Elizabeth Kübler-Ross

Elizabeth Kübler-Ross is best known for the internationally best-selling book, On Death and Dying.

The following Radiolab Podcast 07/23/2021 is, IMO, a rich introduction to the person who made a profound difference in how medical intelligentsia viewed and treated the dying.

If, after listening to it, tell me whether or not you still think “there’s nothing after death” if that’s your current opinion.

She was an exceptional human being. Knew almost nothing about her until you prompted me to explore her life a little. What compassion. Left home at 16 because she refused her father’s demands for her to become a secretary.

I gave it a go but couldn’t get it to play. Not something I’ve done before. But honestly there is nothing I can think of which would change what I think about after death experience. Namely, that life goes on but not for me personally.

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I read the transcript, and I can’t see it as swaying anyone’s opinion one way or the other. Her early work is something to be thankful for because it was the genesis of modern palliative care. She did not have the Anchor that we Christians do, and was pretty much adrift at the end of her life and career, it appears.

That does seem likely, and almost certainly not mere arguments, but I can imagine a couple of scenarios where God could show himself to you irrefutably.

That is, nothing a living person can tell me is going to be given any weight. Doesn’t mean I’m right about that but in the absence of credible evidence, like you, I’ll go with my original bias.

Agreed, your contentment will have to go first. But about the credibility of my evidence, you have no idea how many lotteries I’ve won, sometimes several on one day – the game is rigged, you just don’t know it yet (George did, though).

I suppose that cuts both ways.

I don’t think so. We are not talking about merely the ‘good fortune’ to have been born in the U.S. and the reasonable amount of effort it takes many to have a comfortable life. Don’t forget George and how many lotteries he won. I pale by comparison.

How can you be sure He hasn’t? Maybe that omniscience you attribute to Him is rubbing off on you? :crazy_face:

Have you ever asked Him to reveal Himself to you as the resurrected Christ?

“As I drove out of Tom’s driveway, the tears were flowing uncontrollably . . . I pulled to the side off the road not more than a hundred yards from the entrance to Tom’s driveway . . .

“With my face cupped in my hands . . . I forgot about machismo, about pretenses, about fears of being weak. And as I did, I began to experience a wonderful feeling of being released . . .

“And then I prayed my first real prayer, ‘God, I don’t know how to find You, but I’m going to try! I’m not much the way I am now, but somehow I want to give myself to You.’ I didn’t know how to say more, so I repeated over and over the words: Take me.” chuck colson
he went on to touch many prisoners’ lives with the love of Christ

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Nope. I’ve mostly listened respectfully to whatever He cared to share with me.

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What is the worst thing that could happen if you prayed and asked him to reveal himself to you, if in fact, he is real?

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I like the end of Tim Keller’s book:

During a dark time in her life, a woman in my congregation complained that she had prayed over and over, “God, help me find you,” but had gotten nowhere. A Christian friend suggested to her that she might change her prayer to, “God, come and find me. After all, you are the Good Shepherd who goes looking for the lost sheep.” She concluded when she was recounting this to me, “The only reason I can tell you this story is—he did.”

Tim Keller, The Reason for God, p.240

But it frequently takes a dark time and an awareness of need for people to want to find God. Earthly contentment and comfort are dangerous in an eternal perspective! (See Psalm 73, Luke 12 and Luke 16.)

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You’ve read what he shared in all of the Gospels, then.

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