The Qenite hypothesis

I’ve been talking a lot about the Qenite hypothesis recently, both on my blog and on the forum, I even made a meme:

I wanted to ask if this hypothesis is compatible with the notion of God making a special, unique and eternal covenant with the Jewish people, which is the foundation for Judaism, which is in turn the foundation for Christianity. The entire premise of the book of Hosea is that God will never break his covenant, yet the Qenite hypothesis assumes he did.

Reminder for me.

I will have a look on that topic in the next week.

From what I have seen from the one blogpost on that topic I have read from you, I think your conclusion doesn´t follow.
But could you please make it a bit easier for me and send me the links you want me to comment on and which are leading to your conclusion?

One sentence from Wikipedia:

Moses apparently identified Jethro’s concept of God, Yahweh, with the Israelites’ God El Shaddai.

This suggests that the deities aren´t identical, but the conceptions very much are. Though I´d say, the way the Jews understood YHWH, renders the idea of him being one God in a polytheistic environment impossible.
Also the monotheistic religions rely on the one God being the ground of existence and not the source of arbitrary names.

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