The Power of the Story: "Struggling With God and Origins," by Denis Lamoureux

Denis Lamoureux@DOL personal testimony, “Struggling with God and Origins,”, relates to us a conflict we all can understand. He’s been on both sides–devout Catholic, then atheist, then young earth Creationist, and finally evolutionary creationist. As a Pentecostal, he believes in daily miracles and God’s personal plan for our life. Yet, he has published bona fide articles on evolution, particularly of teeth.

Testimonies provide empathy and reassurance. Seeing others struggle gives one hope to think through the tough problems, better than simply abstract discussions about a problem. Dr Lamoureux’ work, at the top of both theology and evolutionary biology, helps with both areas. If you get a chance, I’d like to hear what you have enjoyed of his work, and also if you’ve read or learned anything from this newest testimony of his.

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I have not read his new book, but have bought a couple of copies of his Bible and Ancient Science book and found it helpful to read and share. I hope to get to his new one soon.


I’m feeling a little dizzy. :smile:


Thanks, ordered for delivery in the UK!

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Thanks for the recommendation! Can’t promise I’ll read it all the way through, but the author looks interesting enough I’ll probably read the beginning.

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Imagine if you did that with the Bible! lol

For those who are interested, here are the covers, table of contents & first chapter.

Here is the book summary:
This is a story about struggling with God. As a freshman college student, Denis Lamoureux lost his boyhood Christian faith because of evolution. With no spiritual foundation, he made medical school his idol and eventually became an immoral atheist. Yet by God’s grace, and in an answer to his mother’s prayers, Denis read the Gospel of John and fell in love with the Prince of Peace while serving in the military as a United Nations peacekeeper on the island of Cyprus.

This is also a story about struggling with origins. Like most evangelical Christians, Lamoureux was a staunch young earth creationist. But the Lord had a plan for his life and led him to complete a PhD in theology and a PhD in biology. To his surprise, Lamoureux discovered that the Creator evolved intelligently designed living creatures that declare the glory of God. Through miraculous signs and wonders, the Lord Jesus called Dr. Lamoureux to be a college professor and to proclaim a peaceful relationship between his evangelical Christian faith and the modern evolutionary sciences.


For all the naysayers, he says more than a little in the book about the importance of apologetics in his conversion.

I love hearing about instances of God’s providential M.O. in others’ lives – the woman from Cyprus is especially memorable! (It reminds me of our late friend Glenn Morton’s Turkish translator experience. :slightly_smiling_face:)

Oh Dale! Thank you for your comment. That event totally wrecked me. I knew the Lord was calling away from medical school to study theology. But was does “M.O.” mean in your message. Thanks, Denis


Modus operandi. :slightly_smiling_face: It demonstrates his sovereignty over time and place, timing and placing. What the world calls ‘coincidence’ I call ‘co-instants’ or ‘co-instances’. If someone – especially if they are a Christian – says “Good luck!” to me, my reply is “Do you mean that in the strictly theological sense of the word?” :grin:

Ahhhhh! Totally missed it! Thanks. Denis

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A poignant story of how we construct beliefs and reinforce them as truths.

Maybe the truth was there first. Stop being a bot.

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