The Platypus Fallacy - there is no Devolution

Until I read this thread, I had never heard of the Platypus Phallacy. It makes for delightful reading!!!

Below is the text of a Platypus explaining how primitive Humans are, compared to the more sophisticated mammals that Platypus are:

". . . if a platypus were asked to summarize the situation, he could just as well say this:

“The lineage of which humans are a part is a very ancient offshoot of our mammalian family tree, so it was 166 million years ago that we last shared a common ancestor with humans, and that puts them somewhere between mammals and reptiles,

because they lack a lot of specialized characters that we have gained but the ancestral amniote also lacked; for instance,

1] they have no electro-reception,
2] no bills,
3] no webbed feet, and
4] no venom.

So we can use them to trace the changes that have occurred as we went from being a reptile, to having fur to making milk to having our specialized features.” Of course, if a platypus did say such a thing, I hope his colleagues would encourage him to avoid committing the “Human Fallacy”.

When Behe and others talk about de-volution, it drives me nuts!

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