The pillars/foundations of the earth?

The bible often mentions the pillars/foundations of the earth. These are often shown in depictions to be literal stone pillars which hold up the earth, but I can find no analogues to such a thing in any ancient cosmology. In Ugarit it was believed that twin mountains Targhizizi and Tharumagi bound the earth in place. The Quran contains a similar idea of mountains being pegs and preventing the earth from shaking, so this may have been a common idea in the Middle East. But this does not fit well with the world being set ‘on’ the pillars in 1 Samuel 2:8. Any ideas as to what these pillars could be?

@Reggie_O_Donoghue, if you absolutely insist… The pillars hold up the firmament.

But I don’t see a real problem if pillars support a foundation.

The Rabbit’s treated the firmament as a ceiling to those below … and as a floor for those above.

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