The Origins of Homo Sapiens

Fantastic 25-min. summary of human evolution by Prof. Chris Stringer. If you grew up in a strict Christian home or school (or homeschool) in the US and are wondering what you missed in science class, you owe it to yourself to watch this short interview. Even if you’re familiar with the subject, it’s amazing how much has been discovered just since 2010.


Sorry, Jay! This is a tangent I ran across this morning and thought was somewhat related to your OP. A Goole doodle from 2015.

Updated greeting: Happy 48th Discovery Anniversary, Lucy!

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Discovered on the same day Darwin’s Origin of Species was published!


Thanks for this video, Jay. Everything I learned is ancient and most of it I forgot. So, this was a neat update.

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Do you ever visit natural history museums to see these folks?

I don’t believe so @beaglelady, or not often.

However, natural history museums are not where I thrive. There is so much to read and detail to take in and so so so many distracting people, I find natural history museums really overwhelming. I do better with a book or good video at home. And once we had a kid, I really, completely despaired of ever being able to read a museum plaque of any length at all. It may be time to try again. Or just spend more time with good books and videos about them.

There is nothing like seeing the actual fossils (which are oftentimes casts).


Screenshot 2022-11-29 at 14-56-03 Cast fossils cartoons - Google Search



Yes, you’re right.
The Indiana State Museum was fantastic. And not overwhelming. But I was with my family, and it’s just really hard for me to concentrate on reading anything, while Ikm in a group. Maybe I should drive down myself sometime. 4 hours each way, though. : (

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