The Ocean Declares | Horseshoe Crabs, Hospitality & Creatureliness

Jim and Colin joined up with two marine biologists and three A Rocha interns to survey horseshoe crabs, an experience that began an exploration into paying attention to many of the creatures that surround us and about how we might better worship the Creator of it all.


Thank you for this podcast. I enjoyed it.

I appreciated the deeper understanding (rather than the silly and superficial) of what it means for the creation to bring Praise to the Lord, as in Psalm 96 among many others.

To my untrained eye, I see a resemblance of the horseshoe crab to trilobites: Horseshoe crab - Wikipedia

May the Lord bless His people at A Rocha conservation organization, and establish the work of their hands.

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I haven’t listened to the podcast, but it is worth mentioning that horseshoe crabs are vital in pharmaceuticals and biomedical research. Their blood is used as a sensitive assay for endotoxins. Their blood is a cool shade of blue, too.


I think it’s technically hemolymph rather than blood, but yes, the blue color is nice.

Eurypterids also bear some resemblance. They seem to have been closer related to horseshoe crabs (and arachnids and pycnogonids) than trilobites were.

Trilobites seem to be about equally close to all modern arthropods.

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Yes, and it’s kind of sad to see them lined up to be pumped for their “blood.” I’ve only seen a live one on the beach once, and that was when I was a child. It looked bizarre to me at the time.