The Obstetrical Dilemma is More Confusing Than We Think

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On other threads we’ve discussed how brains may be evolving because of C sections to be bigger on the average Are human beings still evolving in response to any recognizable factors?

This article indicates that the “obstetrical dilemma,” or a fine line of pelvis size that optimally accommodates walking with passage of the head, isn’t as simple as we think. Body size related to heat conservation may affect Indians and Europeans, but the variation may come from even more factors. I found this interesting. The writer reports that learning more in this way may help us do a better job in helping babies and moms survive birth (and potentially alter our own evolutionary trend).

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Interesting. It is always interesting how the open sutures of newborn skulls can move to transverse the narrow passage in most cases, though there is a limit. I wonder if the wider vs longer pelvises are similar in cross sectional area.

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