The Nativity: A different take

I love this!

A modern-day setting of the Nativity. Pictured is a Latinx couple in front of a convenience store, with a motel in the distance.

The man is wearing a shirt with the nametag “Jose”. He is looking through a phone book in front of a pay phone. Scribbled on the side of the pay phone is “Zeke 34 15-16”.

The woman, very obviously pregnant, is sitting on an out-of-order coin-operated riding horse machine.

Between them, growing through a crack in the sidewalk, is a prominent and thriving green seedling plant.

On the window of the store is a sign behind the woman that is partially obscured and could read either “Save Money” or “Ave Maria”. Behind the man is a partially obscured sign that could either read “Elect Jerod de Tipas” or “Collect Herod Antipas”.

In clear view on the window is a cigarette sign with a camel in the desert, saying “Smoke Weisman cigarettes.”

Above the man’s head is an ad for a candy bar called “Good News”.

Above the woman’s head is a sign with a shining star in the center and the words “Starr Bever”.

On the ground is a newspaper with advertisements for Glad and Tide.

The motel in the background is Dave’s City Motel. The sign shows “No Vacancy”, “Fre HBO”, and “New Man ger”.

Credit for the comic goes to Everett Patterson.




Let us restore a genuine, stable view of life

by re-visiting small-town Bethlehem; thereby

reminding us that every planetary animation

is born of mother earth’s invaluable resource.

Ecology is helping us to learn so much more

of earth as the womb of the sun’s creativity,

its solar energy expressed materially as flesh,

an unconditional gifted clue to inclusiveness.

This is our call to redesign our societal structures

on the principle of inclusive justice for all life

in all its infinite and integral diversity,

the stable reality of incarnation in each of us.

The exemplar Jesus may thus refresh for each of us

the nature of the witness sought of one and all

in our day, in our place, as our sense of the Common Good;

another affirmation of Ubuntu, ‘I am because we are’.



The dependence of the Son upon the Sun;

the secret of universal truth and wisdom;

the Son exemplifying ‘God’s creation

of and in every animate being.

The Sun Paradigm must Deaden the

extant Dark, exploitative western mindset.

Peter Challen

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