The Megalodon- A Prehistoric mega-shark

You can find the link to the BBC article here.

“The enormity of a prehistoric mega-shark made famous in Hollywood films has finally been revealed by researchers.”

“Researchers used mathematical methods and comparisons with living relatives to find the overall size of the megalodon, which lived from about 23 million to three million years ago.”

“Results suggest a 16m (52ft) megalodon - almost three times as long as a great white shark - is likely to have had a head about 4.65m (15ft) long, a dorsal fin as large as an entire adult human and a tail about 3.85m (13ft) high.”

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I got to hold a megalodon tooth at the Calvin University fossil collection! (Visited for this podcast episode:


That’s really cool!

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Is that hand actual size??!!

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Fans of “Meg” won’t want to miss this online watch party tomorrow, Septermber 11:

Hall Tour: Vertebrate Origins

This is where Megalodon and his friends (e.g. the armored fish Dunkleosteus, and the ichthyosaur fossils) live. The event starts at 11 am. You’ll be able to leave questions. If you miss the live event you can watch later. Fun for all ages, especially homeschoolers. Swim at your own risk!

Woah. Lucky you

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I mean…My hands are kinda small, but yes :rofl: It probably would have fit on a 5x7 photo or so.


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