The Manifold Beauty of Genesis

This video is under three minutes long, but it says a lot. It’s from a science and faith organization I just found out about, called Disciple Science. So far I like what I see. Founder Dale Gentry is a scientist who specializes in the study of birds. He works for the National Audubon Society managing avian conservation work in Minnesota, and is a university professor.

Watch The Manifold Beauty of Genesis


Thanks, @beaglelady. That was really neat. I had started (but not finished) listening to Gregg Davidson’s book Friend of Science, Friend of Faith. a while back, but there’s too much detail in it for listening while driving. In spite of my problems with concentration and retention, it was really neat. It’s like when an charmingly eccentric prof brings in his rock collection, because it’s so beautiful, he just has to share it with others.
This one sounds really good, too.


Thanks for watching!


Thanks… good one! I subscribed!

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