The Hyksos Pharoah and Joseph

I had not realized that the time of Joseph in Egypt the Pharoah in lower Egypt was a Hyksos. My question is what was the connection between the Hyksos people and the Hebrews?

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Following with interest. I have wondered if there were a change in the power of the pharaoh with Joseph, as through his leadership the pharaoh gained ownership of all the land and enslaved the people

This is just a fascinating story about Joseph and the Hyksos Pharoah. They were likely both Semitic. The Egyptians hated the Hysos who had taken control of upper Egypt. This explains the Jews coming into Egypt taking Goshen and eventually their enslavememt once the Hyksos were ousted by the pharaohs of lower Egypt reclaiming all Egypt leading to Moses and the exodus.

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Funny. Well I am not seeing interest in this but I find this interesting to Christians and Hebrews and not unimportant in the genesis of the Hebrew people. Joseph is incredibly important in the the Hebrew history bringing his brethren into Egypt. The Hyksos must have been somehow associated with the Hebrews and likely had some commonality to bring them together. It seems that the Hyksos had come from the north and invaded the Levant Canaan and then into upper Egypt. The Egyptians hated the Hyksos and forcibly removed the Hyksos from Egypt. It is thought that the Hebrews remained and were then enslaved by their new Egyptian rulers. This led to the killing of infants as told in the Bible Moses and the eventual exodus.

Hyksos name means either shepherd foreigners or foreign rulers. They were likely asiatic peoples maybe originating from the Black Sea (central Eurasian) Caucasian blue eyes, red or blond haired but probably speaking a Semitic language like Phoenician and probably not an indoeuropean language.
Hyksos are credited for introducing the horse and chariot usually associated with the Central Eurasian

Now this is where it gets good. It is thought by some that the mummified body of the vizier Yuya and wife Tuya May be that of Joseph and his wife. The mummified remains appear to have blond hair and Indo-Iranian Caucasian features unlike those of most Egyptian mummies.

This suggest that, Joseph the line of Jacob the line of Abraham though Semitic had what are Central Eurasian features and lineage. It is established that these central eurasians were in the Levant and region at least as far back as 6500 seen with dna for blues eye caucasian.

So here we go. This implies that the line of Abraham is Semitic Caucasian possibly blue eyed and must be able to trace back to central eurasia by the Black Sea dating back about 8000 years were this Caucasian gene appears.

Well, 8,000 years ago by the Black Sea is an important time and place. This is where some have speculated that Noah’s ark landed after the flood. From the book of Jasher Noah was said to have been born shining as the angels. His father Lamech was distressed about this as this was the time that the fallen angels sons of god were taking wives from the daughters of men. This implies that this area and people were the derived from this time and place referenced in the Bible.

I hope you find this enlightening.

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