The High Water Mark of the Flat Earth Movement

I was very impressed with the sophistication of this notorious Flat Earth map … and it had a sense of humor as well!!!

Many folks, even BioLogos supporters are quick to dismiss the Victorian Era flat-earthers… but these folks were quite serious right up to around World War I. The point of this thread is show that from even before the time of the Civil War, religious zeal led thousands of good Christians into silly pronouncements about the natural world… even when there was hardly any Biblical case for a flat earth!

The Book of Job would add giant storage areas high in the sky above the flat earth where God stored snow and hail for use at the appropriate time in the appropriate territories.

I’m not even going to mention the Firmament… because it’s a topic too many people think they know perfectly well. So I think we can make all the traction we need with Job and the flat earthers.

Click on the image to see it full size!

The parts labeled with red arrows I added:
A: The “Professor” promoter;
B: The Reverse Toroid geometry, to explain the curvature of the ocean;
C: I believe the outer-edge of this map represented the unmapped territory of Antarctica… imagine if they had mapped it and discovered it to be as huge as this circumference!;
D: A side image of a tiny earth with 2 men holding on for dear life … because of how fast scientists said the Earth orbited the sun!!!

It comes from this article…


The flat earth people are still around and posting videos on YouTube. Some very prolifically.

There are also numerous Flat Earth books sold on Amazon including anti-Semitic ones that claim the idea of a spherical Earth is a Zionist conspiracy. :confounded:


From what I’ve seen, virtually all the modern Flat-Earthers (people born after the space programs started) are intentionally being facetious/ironic.

Do you have any indication that they use the Bible to justify their position?


I certainly find that ironic … since the “hollow earth” theory of an internal sun and a race of advanced people was very popular with pre-WWII pro-Aryan Germans!

Most of their videos are just too painful to watch to the end so I have only kind of skimmed them. I remember one that did make some mention of the Bible, but no I haven’t seen any that try to justify their views using the Bible.

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