The great narrative

Sometimes we’ve gone around in threads here about old testament vs. new testament - some thinking that others are over valuing the old, and others it is being undervalued. I’ve put down a few opinions of my own in all that; which is why it was good for me to hear Bishop Barron giving a great outline of the great narrative of Christianity that emphasizes the importance of all 5 of the “acts” beginning with Creation. Those who wish to accuse us of “dismissing” the original testament will be pleased by Barron’s presentation here that reminds us of the importance of the whole story.

If you want to skip the “sports chat” preliminaries in this interview and cut to where they start in on the real discussion, start at about 5:30 and you won’t miss anything.

The existence of a ‘great narrative’ is one of the reasons why I am a Christian, as opposed to a generic philosophical theist.

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