The Great Ark Fossil Mystery - - Newly Formulated!

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The great ark fossil mystery

This “tree”, from just a portion of the Reptile group, is repeated multiple times, with the multitude of Earth’s diverse catalog of animal life:
a. varieties appear at a unique place in the fossil record,
b. survive for eons then
c. disappear from the record,

never being found in human trash sites, and never found amongst equally fossilized humans - - or even with fossils indicating even the existence of humans.

These extinct animals frequently share features with animals that became extinct and fossilized afterwards, and even more often sharing traits with with those that became extinct before them. They might not pass on descendants, but they all had to come from somewhere.

This vast archive of so much of Earth’s record of animal life establishes a coherent chronology of how animals lived and changed during which would have had to have been millions of years of Earth’s existence.

But if this same record is forced to conform to the 6000 year timeline of Creatioinism, we see a bewildering explosion of life forms that would, if true, be astounding for the following reasons:

  1. All these drowned animals are never found with any drowned human victims, or drowned with even evidence of a human’s existence;

  2. Because of the extreme state of their fossilization, most of these life forms would have to have been buried no later than the flood, at most some 4 to 5 thousand years ago, or within just
    a few years of Eden at the earliest (assuming fossils like this could ever be made in 6000 years).

  3. And yet, of the small fraction of animals still existing today (like giraffes, lions, horses, elephants, etc), the great majority of these living creatures don’t appear to have ever lived or died in the same layers, or at the same time, as the great multitudes of animals that died either during the Flood or prior to that time.

Noah’s Ark not only contained thousands of pairs of of Earth’s terrestrial animals, but the Ark must have housed the entire populations of every Giraffe, Horse, Lion, Elephant (and so on), that ever lived in Noah’s day - - because their fossilized bones (compared to the plentiful un-fossilized bones) are never found mixed in with the millions of bones of the victims of Noah’s Flood!

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So we have no commenters on the general problem of where did all the Elephant, Giraffe, Bison, Water Buffalo fossils go?

We have some 500 million years of animal fossils compressed into a 6000 year period… with zero fossils of the modern Elephant … and zero fossils of the modern giraffe … this pattern is repeated over and over for the iconic large mammals of the Earth.

If Creationism is correct, then the only explanation is that all of those animals … entire populations! - - were kept on the ark. Otherwise, they would be drowned and fossilized (if it is even possible) just like all those other animals that didn’t survive Noah’s flood (and any other flood Creationists might propose)!!!

My only critique: Comic Sans Font.

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George, I think the Ham position is that they did not exist prior to the flood, but microevolved after the flood when the DNA zip file opened on their ancestoral kinds. I know it sounds sort of strange, but I think that is an accurate synopsis.

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Right! Who chooses that font to make a serious point? It’s like the written version of a mullet – business in the front, party in the back.

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Except there’s no business using Comic Sans in the first place, so it’s just a party – a boring one, at that.

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I Love Comic Sans Font… it’s so easy on the eyes!

But duly noted - - for my next submission to Esquire mag!

You guys are way too officious for my usually ebullient nature … who died and made rules about Comic Sans?

I have noticed the college crowd loves to bash it … but my dear sirs… we are old enough to decide for ourselves what is workable and what is not.

If you are just sick to death of Ariel and Times Roman … what “fun” font would you insufferably elite folks recommend? :smiley:

Looking the “font of every blessing” are you?

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Well, in the world of NGO literacy initiatives, we are partial to Andika.



Oh yes! I like that very much!


This will always be my favorite hymn …

I like Garamond, although it’s not really “fun.”

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