The giants and present humanity

Did the filthy demihumans exist like goliath?
Nowadays, human blood is contaminated with beings from another world, remember God does not like to mix crops or fabrics, and he created all animals according to their gender and according to the male and female species he created them, so it is obvious that someone who advocates In this way, purity would hate a contaminated humanity, even if it is a mixture with beings superior to us, the result is more inferior, why mixing is wrong?

Citation needed.

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Why do you assume that God hates all mixing? It is true that God hates mixing idol worship in with worship of God. But beyond that - the only negative reference to mixing I see would be the obscure old testament references to planting different seeds or sewing with mixed fibers.

Otherwise, for a God who doesn’t go for mixing, he sure mixed it up a lot! Both in scriptures - as we see Christ and the later apostles expanding the Kingdom ministry beyond Jews to the Samaritans, and the entire world beyond. And on the science front, the story of life is one of both mixture and separation. They both have their roles. But to universalize just one of those as the good thing, making the other the universally bad thing - you simply haven’t made that case that mixing is always wrong in the first place.

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But it doesn’t follow that He also doesn’t want people to mix! And what does that even mean? So, presumably you can’t mix different races. But can you mix different nationalities of same race? Or regional is as far as you can go?
You need to provide some passages from Bible for that, it’s illogical to assume God doesn’t want people to mix because he doesn’t like certain other things to mix.

A lot of mixed animals actually turned out to be better than their parents, even if some can’t reproduce.

Who told you that, your Nazi friend?

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There is a bit of diversity in human size from the pygmies less than 5ft tall to the Tutsi at 6ft tall. Though you find individuals around the world over 8ft including a Kurd, another in Morocco and one in Iran and some individuals less than 2ft tall in Nepal, India, and the Philippines.

But there is no evidence of beings from another world let alone any mixing with human beings. Though there were the Neanderthals and Denisovans, close cousins separated from the majority of our ancestors for around 500,000 years. They were a little bit smaller with wider faces and heavier bones, so perhaps they were tougher and stronger while we were the faster runners. But ultimately it was likely our greater numbers and explosive population growth that really overwhelmed them in the end.

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