The Galactic Federation news

I’m curious what the Forum hive mind thinks about the Galactic Federation news?

Part of me wants something like this to be true. And he had me curious until he said, “There is an agreement between the U.S. government and the aliens. They signed a contract with us to do experiments here.” This guy obviously hasn’t seen Arrival, which shows how ludicrous it is to think we’re signing contracts with aliens!


Here’s a good article by Deb Haarsma from last year that might prompt some thoughts on the topic:

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Sounds like an unholy alliance to me … and I don’t blame that on the aliens.

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I love that movie. Went out and bought it because I watched it so many times. But it is science fiction. It doesn’t actually SHOW us anything about reality. Science fiction can only explore what might be… sometimes… when it doesn’t stray too far from the scientific facts… which this movie does… because faster than light travel and teleportation simply contradicts the space time structure of the universe. I mean I find such explorations very useful, don’t get me wrong.

No… the real problem with this conspiracy aliens nonsense IS the same science which this movie conflicts. Relativity makes contact with alien civilizations extremely unlikely. Though I agree that communication and contracts are even more unlikely no matter how fun Men in Black movies may be, which are not only science fiction but science fiction comedy – we are not supposed to take those entertainments seriously.

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I dunno. Getting my tinfoil hat ready. :alien:


Of course aliens exist. So?

Of course they don’t exist here or detectably anywhere. Ever.

But of course, they’re there. As in ten thousand light years away. OK one thousand up and down the arm. The ten thousand is to the arms either side.

I mean really kiddies.

Your certainty about this is… what’s the right word… curious?

And you mean intelligent aliens? I’m hopeful, I guess, but the “I mean really kiddies” disdain for anyone who might possibly think otherwise is a step too far for this kiddy. :slight_smile:

No James, my certainty is rational. Fermi was right for the wrong reason.

Got your attention didn’t I? ; )

[I want it to be true too, which is why it isn’t as well, and yeah Arrival is a wonderful fable. But a person as grounded and brilliant as yourself cannot possibly not know the eternal universality of sapience due to a faith position, surely? Forgive me for even entertaining the idea. I’m just the guy on the uniformitarian bus.]

I heard something about this earlier. Since it’s 2020, my first thought was hoping that maybe someone’s playing a joke on someone… have they had a chance to view any of our “historical documents”?



I think the fishiest thing about the whole story is that the aliens have signed contracts with “the U. S. government.” Why do we Americans not only think we’re the center of the planet but also of the cosmos? ; ) (in case it’s not clear, read this with a humorous lilt in your mind’s voice.)


I hope the aliens have a good lawyer to review their contracts. Things did not work out so well for the indigenous people who contracted with the U. S.


Isnt the only life outside of earth a few living organisms and a few germs that have been discovered?

Nope. Nothing at all. If there were, then that would be scientific proof of the rational fact that nature has done life from forever. Not just for our 13.8 Ga bubble. Which crawls with stuff.

Pretty sure i heard somewhere we found something . Ohh well

That would be the greatest news in two thousand years. It can never happen. I wish it could. We won’t even be able to prove it from spectroscopy of extrasolar planet atmospheres. Oxygen and water prove nothing.

But it’s there. We’re everywhere. Always have been.

Might I suggest that when Adam sinned, i.e. ‘the fall’ all of mankind fell, all of creation was subject to the fall. The Cosmos:has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now. And not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the first-fruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies. (Romans 8/22–23)

The implications are clear: if there are image bearers of God somewhere else in the universe, they fell in Adam. They would need to hear the Gospel. If on the other hand there are firms of life that are not image bearers of God…

Correction… Why do MANY Americans… (my compromise between some and most) I guess it would be the isolationist portion who don’t really want involvement with the rest of the world.

In this case, we would be the indigenous people.

Nonsense. There is a failure here to understand the relativity of simultaneity. The cosmos is not a motion picture composed of instantaneous frames strung together. The only now is also right here… such is the conical Minkowsky structure of space-time. The implication of this structure is that the rest of the universe is really none of our business and never will be.

Probably one of the more credible assessments:

Although the universe is large enough to make life elsewhere quite plausible, and perhaps even intelligent life existing somewhere, our sample size isn’t really much to go on either way. We know of one planet with life and some signs of intelligence, innumerable unsuitable settings for life, and several places where life could conceivably exist. But we don’t have a great grasp on the stability of orbits and stars in a number of settings, for example. Given how close a planet would have to be to a red dwarf to stay reasonably warm, and the possibility of massive solar flares, would any planets there not be too fried for life? How ordinary or unusual is the sun? Can orbits in a multiple star system be stable enough to support life? Do ice moons consistently stay warm enough to have liquid ice inside, or is that a temporary result of varying orbital dynamics? A lot of headlines today exaggerate the probability of life. We don’t have grounds to say life doesn’t exist elsewhere, but overconfidence in its existence seems fashionable right now.

What does the election in one particularly stupid country possibly have to do with whether aliens reveal themselves? Isn’t it more likely they will simply remove the people of that country from existence as a favor to the whole world?

Talking about many Americans who think they are the center of the cosmos! Guess Trump is an example/representative of those who think that way.

measure of sanity? catering to every extremist group, trying to get them to tear the country apart?

Yes, one hopes that many can pick up on that aspect of the satire. Years back, there was a Bizzaro cartoon, with aliens emerging from the UFO declaring “We have captured all of your politicians and are holding them captive! Do as we say, or we will release them.”


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