The Faithful Creator: Affirming Creation and Providence in an Age of Anxiety (Book Review)

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Needing nothing from his creatures, God’s only motivation in creation is his own divine love, flowing from God’s own Trinitarian life.
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(Roger A. Sawtelle) #2

We live in an age of anxiety because we live in a time of rapid change and people are afraid.

While we know that God is still in charge, it is helpful to understand how God works to guide us and God’s Creation.

I do not see now this boo k helps. He is right to put the emphasis on the Trinity, but does not show how thew Trinity enables us to better understand how God works within God’s world with and for us.

(Casper Hesp) #3

Did you read the actual book? If not, it would be good to check it before you conclude that he “does not show how the Trinity enables us to better understand how God works within God’s world with and for us.”

I didn’t read the book either, but I consider it highly likely that the author took the time in the book to explain the doctrine of the Trinity and its value for understanding God’s relationship with us and the rest of His creation.

(Ron Highfield) #4

Thanks to Jeff for reviewing my book. I am pleased with what he said about my approach to the Christianity and natural science. I can understand how someone may not see how my thoughts on Christianity and science relate to the theme of “the age of anxiety.” But I believe the book as a whole (including the chapter on “Christian and Modern Natural Science” addresses some of the anxieties of our age. The book is a sustained and multifaceted development of a view of the “Creator-creation” relationship that attempts to grasp the theological ideas of creation, providence, salvation and consummation in under one insight into God’s way of relating to the world. For me at least, a Christocentric vision of the Triune God freely giving existence to the world, ordering and directing it, accompanying and healing it, and finally bring his beloved creation to its glorious consummation speaks directly to my (our?) anxiety that the world is out of control and headed only to destruction. Faith in the “Faithful Creator” imparts insight to the mind and hope to the heart. And with this, we need not let our hearts be troubled as we devote our selves to loving God and our neighbors. Again, thanks.