The fabric of science and faith

I have always been a big fan of science and a even bigger fan of Christ. I think it’s great that to see that people are trying to weave the two together to create a fabric. The fabric of time and space gives us a place where the possibilities stretch far beyond the imagination of the human mind. If we’re to leave home and explore those possibilities, we’ll need the best security blanket that we can muster and that’s both science and faith. I’m new to Biologos but from what I’ve read so far, I think this is a step in the right direction.


Ay up Wyme. I’m the worm (it was a Devil’s coach horse larva) in the apple here ; ) A nasty old Brit wet blanket. Christ gives meaning where science can give none. For me its the fabric of the transcendent, of Heaven where the possibilities stretch, and more importantly in the moral fabric of society here and now. There is no scientific possibility of our leaving home. Is there Christian possibility that we make home home for everyone? Which involves leaving the home of our Goldilocks comfort zones and seeking equality of outcome for all. Here. Now. Like God will provide in the transcendent.

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i too love Christ and True Science. i say True Science, because many human scientist will say something is a Scientific Fact only for it to later be revealed it was no a Fact at all.

Any Science that contradicts the Word of God is not Science, it is FICTION!

Any religious text or interpretation of such a text which contradicts the accumulated evidence of science is irrational nonsense and delusional.

There is far more legitimacy to the claim that the Bible belongs in the fiction section of the library. I don’t believe it does, but I do think the way that some people read or interpret the Bible does belong in fiction and the above very much describes one of them. Written procedures which give the same results no matter what you want or believe, as we have in science, provides a reasonable expectation that others should agree with you. That something is written in the Bible does not provide any such reasonable expectation.

It’s the exact opposite.

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Science is a powerful and wonderful force but it does have its limits, whereas Christ is a powerful and wonderful force that knows no limits. Science can fill your eyes and mind with all sorts of wonders, whereas Christ can fill your hearts and life with all sorts of wonders.

YES! That is absolutely correct. But when it is within those limits then it is only reasonable to accept its findings.

The power of Christ does not equal the reliability of people using the Bible to make claims, especially about things where science excels at finding the truth.

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Really? So you believe: Any Science that contradicts the Word of God makes the Word of God FICTION!

Believe the Word of God, not what humans teach.

Science, nature, logic does not contradict Jesus, or the Bible for that matter, in any way. Only misinterpretation of the Bible can make it contradict science, nature, logic in which it always loses. Science, nature, logic has no contradiction and the Bible can only be legitimately used for faith when it is not used by interpreters to distort science, nature, logic.

I believe Jesus as men teach, like everyone else.

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I think that has been tried before.

“First, . . . to want to affirm that in reality the sun is at the center of the world and only turns on itself without moving from east to west, and the earth . . . revolves with great speed about the sun . . . is a very dangerous thing, likely not only to irritate all scholastic philosophers and theologians, but also to harm the Holy Faith by rendering Holy Scripture false.”–Cardinal Bellarmine, 1615


But you’re a human, so I shouldn’t believe you.


Science, nature, logic does not contradict Jesus, or the Bible for that matter, i agree with the 100%. However what humans say and teach Science is, is the problem.

For example. Scientist use to teach as FACT that the Earth is flat, they said it was a Scientific FACT. Yet After NEW evidence was presented, they realized that Science was wrong. Scriptures taught the Earth was Round, while Scientists were teaching it is Flat.

Isa_40:22 It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:

Back then. Humans were saying that Science proves the Bible to be wrong, because the Bible says “Circle of the Earth” yet the Earth is Flat. See then how they made Scriptures to be false, because of their False Science?

Even today this is evident. Even with the Creation. How can Scriptures be True, if human Science today teaches the Earth is Billions of years old. IF that Science is True, then the Bible can’t be True. Therefore this generation believes the Science of Humans, that is to say, what humans are saying is Scientific FACTS, over what the Word of God says. Therefore now, the Genesis account of Creation is not looked at as literal like people have been reading and believing for over 4,000 years, but now the last days generation with their NEW Scientific FACTS, say the Genesis account is allegory, or poetic. As long as it is not LITERAL it agrees with the humans Science of today correct?

Therefore because of False Science of Today, they change the Literal Genesis account of the Word of God into something that lines up with the perceived Science of today. Instead of doing the Godly thing, and believing the Word of God and what it plainly teaches, over what humans say is Science.

i love Science, because it is what God made. What i can’t stand, is what humans say about Science, the false things they proclaim in the name of Science. Or when Humans teach that the Earth is Billions of years old, based on ZERO Scientific FACTS, but based solely on their perception of the methods they use to date a thing.

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Heavens NO. Which is also what i teach in many of my videos. What i teach is to believe the Word of God and what it teaches, not what i teach, not what humans teach, believe the Word of God and what it plainly teaches.

i am a human being, Why on Earth would you trust me or any human being on this planet to tell you how to get to Heaven. Why?

The Word of God is instructions how to get to Heaven, Believe and obey them to get there. But if you are relying on humans to teach you how to get to Heaven, you will most certainly find yourself on the broad and wide path.

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What God has told me, is to be believed as well, what God has told me is not from me, or my thoughts, or my intellect, or my beliefs, or my interpretation, or my opinions. What God told me is the TRUTH, and it is Always RIGHT. That i do teach. That people should believe what God told me.

Is that a scientificalisist critique exploring the scientific fact that C14 dating is only scientificalistically 99% accurately scientifical? Do you know a better nons[ci]ence method?


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