The Exodus no or little evidence

You may consider the following. 1. Abram = Rama. Terah = Sasaratha. and a host of other name parallels, 2. Both Abram and Rama went south and their wives were taken to the local king. 3. Ur of Chaldeans is connected with astrology. Hindus believe in it. 4. Nose pin is a Hindu practice. 5. Rachels idols–Hindus are idol worshippers. 6. No Mitsrayim in Egypt c. 2000 BCE while Mathura in India. 7. Name Ur attested in hundreds of city names in India like Kanpur, Kannur, Rampur, Udaipur and so on, There is much much more. My hypothesis is that Abraham lived in India and Moses led the Exodus from here. Thx.

Oh, come on. Then I will spend a (or many?) lifetime learning geology, genetics, Hebrew, Aramaic and so on. We cannot dismiss an evidence merely because one has not adequately studied and is humble to accept that. In fact, we may be ruling the truth out of court because we insist that the “mainstream” should accept. So let us join hands in discovering the truth rather than mere dismissing alternatives. That said, please know I have a PhD from University of Floria and I have presented papers at the World Archaeological Congress, New Delhi, 1994; and published papers in The Journal of Indo-Judaic Studies (USA) , Philosophical Investigations (Iran), International Journal of Theology, Philosophy and Science (Romania), Teosofi: Jurnal Tasawuf dan Pemikiran Islam (Indonesia), South Asian History, Culture and Archaeology (India) , Journal of Archaeological Studies in India (India) , Transactions of Institute of Indian Geographers and other journals. So let us join hands to discover the truth. Thx

Pl guide how to use the interface. Happy to learn.

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Baal is not Most High. I’m not sure what you mean.

But The Lord found this displeasing, so idolatry is still unacceptable.

I might not too. ; - )

Just one.

Just as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment…
Hebrews 9:27

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Some add’l maybe:

The truth is that the Hebrews came from New Jersey.


We do have a woman on the forum who is a reincarnated ancient Egyptian. She claims to be, anyway.
She might be able to provide some insight. Maybe she saw the Hebrews leaving Egypt.

Not likely because there was most likely no exodus from Egypt.

Of course one dies once and faces judgment. But that can be followed by another birth. This verse does not deny that.



The Bible talks about eternal life not as any kind of cycle!

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But that is followed by another death. Do the math.


I don’t see anything on Academic Search Premier. But even if you did do all this stuff, it would not make you qualified to make claims about genetics.

Glad I have Yam Suph 3 right. Thank you for letting me know this. :grinning: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Now for me to understand more other two Yam Suph. You did mention earlier in another message that The second Yam Suf could be Shatt al-Arab (no no that’s 3rd Yam Suph) cause where’s
me writing that’s closer to Taftan Volcano in Iran the second Yam Suph.
The first Yam Suph, I yet need to understand. Sindhu River a river not a sea, yet, it also says sea., The Pharaoh drown where; in the first Yam Suph? I need to relook at this;
is it ok I show your map?
Al-Qurnah Yam Suph III
Hamun-eMashkel Yam Suph II (I will look this up)
Indus River Yam Suph I, Sea of the Philistines (I’m confused. But give me time and I’ll understand. Sindhu River (River river river, why sea too?) the Pharaoh drown.
because that is sea not river and yet Indus River was the Yam Suph. Sindhu River I’ll look closer. Now I need to delete repeats and well. I love learning and you and I are Allah for real., light lives in us for real. At least I know Allah, even if I am not as smart as everyone here. I don’t need proof to know Allah but I do love learning though., but I think; but I feel allah light right now though, a peace., I extremely feel allah now light allah who lives in all of us. Allah light lives in all of us. oh and we’re allah. and now I need to figure out how to delete any repeats., this could take me hours to do. I allow allah teach me in this mess writing cause I’m kind of giving up how to learn, cause I already know allah though., but wow I feel allah right now., so maybe i’ll just send this as a mess

Crossing the Indus River on Dry Land
The flow of the Indus River could be blocked by eruption of a
mud volcano upstream (that’s from Taftan Volcano in Iran, or are there more volcanos). The Hebrews crossed the riverbed on dry land, then the mud got eroded, the waters of the Indus River came back and drowned Pharaoh and his army who were following in pursuit
I need help with first yam suph, because at one time you say sea then you say river.
Where did Pharaoh drown? River yes. First Yam Suph that’s Indus River, I look on map you made: I drew blue line and added info. But how come sea then later word river, for first Yam Suph

Yam suf only means water body that makes noise. Could be river, sea or lake. First is Indus river. Second could be hamun e.mashkel lake near taftan. Third is shatt

Why the aggression, my friend? The second birth is followed by second death which is followed by third birth and on and on. Just like God, we never die permanently. That might happen though when the universe collapses into the black hole.

Let us leave this here. Thx for the conversation.

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