The Emergence of the Human Face

New York Encounter is a an annual three-day public cultural event in New York City, organized by the Roman Catholic Church. In January 2015,It included a panel discussion on human evolution. The panelists included: Maria Teresa Landi of the National Institutes of Health, Martin Nowak of Harvard University, Ken Miller of Brown University, and Rick Potts of the National Museum of Natural History.

Hope you enjoy the video-- “The Emergence of the Human Face”

Am I persona non grata here? I hope I am persona grata.

Why on earth wouldn’t you be wanted here?

I want to thank you for your answer. You are truly a nice person. I suppose Nancy and me will wait for midnight. It is hard to believe it is 2016. I suppose I am a man of conscience and was concerned that I offended someone. God bless you and the little beagle.

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Nowak also mentions an interesting book he co-wrote:
“Evolution, Games, and God: The Principle of Cooperation” by Martin A. Nowak

I’m asking my library to get it for me.

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