The (EC) Nobel Prizes in Communication

I’d like to hear nominations for an (EC) Nobel Prize in communications. If you find someone who communicates truth well, would you consider posting it here? Such an article may come from

–A YEC (eg, Todd Wood)
–An EC (eg, Darrell Falk @DarrelFalk ) in “The Fool and the Heretic”
–A climate scientist (eg, Katherine Hayhoe)
–A pastor (eg, Tim Keller, Jared Byas, or Mario Russo @marusso )

Each may need its own thread–that’s ok, too!

It is encouraging to learn how folks navigate difficult waters of science and faith.



At the risk of “preaching to the choir” here :slightly_smiling_face: I would nominate Dr. Francis Collins for his book “The Language of God”. I found the book communicated the science of evolution and its compatibility with the Christian faith very well, without “dumbing down” the science, but understandable both to the non-scientist and to the scientific non-specialist in biology. That is a rare talent.

Communicating the compatibility of science and the Christian faith has of course been done admirably by many authors, but Dr. Collins’ book did so in a way well suited to the modern Evangelical church (to which I don’t exclusively confine my viewpoint, but nevertheless is a part of it).

There are other people that I could nominate, but I’ll keep it to one for now.


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