(Brad Kramer) #1

“Christians who adopt water cyclism are inconsistent because they are accepting the foundation of the humanistic worldviews. Essentially, they are telling God that they believe Him when He told us about the Virgin Birth, Crucifixion, and Resurrection of Christ, but they do not trust Him when He tells us about how He sends rain to the world.”

A very similar point was made in this BioLogos article:

I still think it’s a great introduction to the problems with young-earth creationist readings of Scripture (and nature).

(Laura) #2

That’s a good one! I remember the God of Evolution version, and it really helped me put things in perspective. Evaporation, after all, is “just a theory.” :wink:

Prepackaged Irreducibly Complex Genetic Mechanisms - Are there no Behe defenders?
(RiderOnTheClouds) #3

Don’t forget that photosynthesis is a satanic lie as well, for plants were created ‘before’, not after the sun in Genesis 1.

(RiderOnTheClouds) #4

It isn’t evaporation, Jesus creates the rain and sends it on the earth.


Now now. There’s always room for rhetorical charity, even when we disagree with someone. Better to not belittle our Christian brothers and sisters.

(George Brooks) #6

The problem with I.D. analysis is that I.D. supporters think they know how God would perform His miraculous work.

But what if God “helps evolution along” in the most complicated and nuanced of ways … by adjusting predator populations… or food stock species… and a dozen other factors … that make a population’s genetics respond in ways that look logical to humans … but in fact required quite a bit of divine exertion?

This is the impossible side of I.D.'s vulnerability … in addition to the fact they are trying to define God’s miraculous intervention as something that our limited science competencies could detect…