The Christmas Truce miracle: Soldiers put down their guns to sing carols and drink wine


From the Washington Post:
The Christmas Truce Miracle was a wondrous event that took place during WWI, where soldiers from opposing sides of the war left their blood-soaked trenches to celebrate Christmas together. If you haven’t heard of it before it’s time you did! This famous truce been the subject of multiple films, including the excellent 2005 film Joyeux Noel See if your library has it!

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I found the Christmas scene on Youtube.
Merry Christmas!


You’d like the entire movie!

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They played that scene at my church to show how people could stop fighting for just one day.


Truly beautiful!


The film was also the basis for a lovely opera, Silent Night, which aired on PBS in 2013.

And the truce became a popular subject for postwar artists.

It’s wonderful how even in the brutal trench warfare of WWI, a shared Christian heritage and the tug of carols on the heartstrings of lonely soldiers made hostilities cease, if only for a little while.