The chimps mentioned a while back in the podcast with Jane

So a while back , maybe even years ago, there was a podcast episode with Jane Goodall and maybe Francis Collins. But part of the discussion was Jane mentioning talking with Francis and the lab he worked at about better treatment for the animals, especially the chimpanzees, there. I believe she’s been vegan since 2015, and potentially vegetarian for years prior to that. It’s obvious that she cares about nature , especially reducing the painful lives of animals we use science and food.

Recently I’ve seen clips and various comments online of lab chimps being heavily isolated and some going years and years without seeing real sunlight and so on. I was curious if anyone knew what exactly was the changes, if any , that Francis Collins may be aware of that changes by her pushback? Are the chimps there mostly isolated in cages?

I’m bringing this to since it was part of the Biologos podcast “ Language of God. “

Also just curious in general about these things too. Additionally what are y’all thoughts on this since it intersects with science and even the love and justice in our faith.

Do you believe the animals you consume suffer and die prematurely?
Do you believe that the animals consumed globally plays a role in climate change?
How intelligent, self aware and conscious would a being have to be in order for you to refuse to consume them?