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In May 2015 I started a new item, title “Dating the Flood”. It is still running, produced 30 replies and 900 views, but no results. I’m known for never giving up, so I start again.
Apparently the people at Biologos are unaware of the fact that Humanity has already migrated into space and I will be very disappointed if the first time was less than one million years ago.
Some 12 to 25 Floods happen each million years at irregular intervals. And each time almost all land life on Earth is killed. The proof is overwhelming, but apparently everybody is seeing blind and hearing deaf. Worst are the philosophers and the theologists. “If Plato had not existed, we would have gone to the stars 2000 years ago!” said Sir Arthur C. Clarke.
So I start again: Each Flood kills about everything living on land. The last four floods happened in round numbers, 240, 150, 60, and 15 millennia ago. And each time the very few survivors have to reinvent Stone Age, have to go through millennia of inbreeding, early death and many diseases without proper medical care, and all the sorrow and misery related to that. Just read the book “The Seven Daughters of Eve” by Bryan Sykes.
Remember how the people were treated who said that our Earth was not flat but a globe, that the Sun was not turning around the Earth, that “black holes” might exist, and so on, and so on…
We went in less than 10 millennia from Stone Age to collecting stones on the Moon. Just try to imagine how far previous human civilizations did develop in 90 millennia.
How about stopping to fight the YEC’s. You cannot win the discussion against their lies. It is far easier to pull the carpet from under their feet by proofing that humanity is already more than million years in space. Look in Wikipedia at the carbon dioxide footprints of previous human civilizations. Ask the scientists among your contacts whether I am right or wrong, and ask them what it means for their fields of science.

So I start again.
First a question: look at a globe or map of the Earth and tell me what is clearly visible and yet not noticed. I saw it immediately when I, 8 years old, saw a globe for the first time in my life.
I have asked people this question time and again and so far nobody has ever been able to notice it, while the importance of it is beyond your imagination.
So look again and consider when and why Pangaea was formed, and above all what it is and was.

The Flood, what caused the Flood and was it Global or Local?
There is a discussion at Biologos whether the Flood was local or global.
I have a different approach this time.
The magnetic field of our Earth cannot be caused by the atmosphere or by the water of the oceans, seas, lakes and rivers.
If the magnetic field would be caused by the crust, then it would be impossible to detect previous displacements of the magnetic poles. Those displacements are detected, which eliminate the crust as cause of the magnetic field.
So the magnetic field must be caused by something below the crust.
Our Earth is turning one rotation per day, a rather high speed, which makes it a flywheel, consisting of four concentric parts: the air, the water, the crust and the material below the crust.
The American professor Robert S. Coe is an authority on paleomagnetisme. He has done research on what he calls “pole shifts”, displacements of the magnetic poles. I admire his research, but his conclusions flabbergast me. The material below the crust is more than 99 % of the total mass of the Earth and therefor a far much larger flywheel than the crust. So it has to be the crust that shifts and not the material inside the crust and with it the magnetic poles. In addition to that: remains of traces of tropical plants have been found on the bottom of the sea at the North pole, which means that this piece of crust must have been in tropical regions some time in the past.
How could he and the scientists cooperating with hem have made the error to presume that the magnetic poles shifted?

Before the Flood there was an Ice Age on Canada.
According to official science is an Ice Age a long time during which a major part of a continent is covered by a large ice sheet, without giving an explanation why it is covered.
My definition of an Ice Age is as follows: An Ice Age in an area is a time during which that area is situated in the permafrost area of a North or South pole of the Earth.
Canada was situated inside the permafrost area of the North pole.
As result ice had been accumulated on Canada to a height of some five kilometers. This caused an unbalance of the crust. It had also resulted in lowering the sea level by some 150 meters.
The Earth is a bit flattened at the poles. Therefor moving a piece of crust away from the equator requires enormous forces because the crust has to be compressed. This keeps the crust in place until the forces caused by the unbalance become large enough.
On a bad day this happened, maybe with aid of a large meteor impact. Then the whole crust started moving and Canada moved South. But not in a straight line.
The whole Earth is turning East. Near the poles the speed is almost zero, at the equator the speed is over 1650 km/h. If a part of Canada, which is moving at a speed of 300 km/h, moves to a spot where the Pacific Ocean moves at a speed of 800 km/h, then that part of Canada is flooded by the ocean at a speed of 500 km/h. Even the Rocky Mountains were unable to stop or delay this.
Something similar happened all over the world. South America below the equator was flooded by the Atlantic Ocean. Australia was flooded from Western direction. Siberia was not flooded because there the flood streamed parallel to the coast. But it was not a suitable place for survival: every living creature was frozen and covered with ice. And nobody, wherever he/she was, was able to run for safety, because the continuous severe earthquakes made even standing nearly impossible.
The Flood is not unique: there have been some 12 to 25 floods per million years at irregular intervals since the crust was formed after the formation of the Moon.
Once a flood is started, the water picks up dust, sand, clay, small stones and larger stones as the specific weight of the mixture increases, until the lowest 100 m of the flood has the structure of freshly mixed concrete, grinding anything on its path to rubble and leaving no signs of earlier civilizations behind.
The last four floods are estimated to have happened some 11 – 15, some 60, some 150 and some 240 millennia ago.
DNA research by Bryan Sykes cs has revealed that all humans living now are descending from a single woman who lived 150 millennia ago, from a single male who lived 60 millennia ago and from one of 33 women who lived less than 30 millennia ago.
The exact year of the floods can be determined by means of the research on ice cores from Greenland and the South Pole. One has to look for a sudden drop of temperature, requiring some 30 years to restore, and a sudden increase of volcanic dust, during the same and the next year. The drop of temperature is caused by the fact that two old arctic permafrost areas are melting and two new arctic permafrost areas are started.

To be continued

Any evidence for this?

Are we talking about global floods? Almost all land life on earth is killed? Where is the overwhelming proof? We already know about the 6 or so mass extinctions on planet earth, none caused by a flood.


The Biblical chronology for the Flood places the flood sometime during or between the 4th/5th dynasties of Egypt … or around the time of the collapse of the native Sumerian kings.

It seems more than reasonable to think that a massive regional flood could have layed the foundation for the collapse of the Sumerian royal lines. The Akkadians took over the Sumerian cities.

Please note that the cities were not wiped off the face of the Earth… nor were the Akkadians. Nor were the Eyptians.

There was NO global flood any time during RECORDED HISTORY … or even anywhere close to the beginnings of RECORDED HISTORY.

We really should have more confidence in this conclusion… instead of just letting YEC’s float around with this vague concept totally inconsistent with human history … or any related sedimentary layers created just before the period of recorded history…

That’s why I asked for some evidence.

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