The Big Bang and Cosmic History

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think about this thought for just one moment please, If the big bang happened as they claim and all planets came into being at the same second in time how could planets far away be any older than the one we are sitting on now called earth?“they were all made at the exact same time and moment in history”. think about it?:confused:

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I think you may be misunderstanding the Big Bang theory. The planets are not theorized to have “came into being at the same second in time.” I am certainly no expert, but my understanding is that there was some type of cosmic event (the Bang - admittedly not understood as of yet) that generated cosmic material which over a great deal of time eventually formed the different planets. Different elements were attracted to each other. The natural chemical and physical laws that govern the elements caused some to attract each other (and others to repel) which in turn caused motion, spinning, which I believe was further powered by the stars (i.e., suns) which pulled the material into a pattern of orbit. The vortex, for lack of a better word, drew in more cosmic natural resources:-) and the planets were formed each in its own time.

(I ask for grace toward my explanation from any here who are physicists/astrophysicists. I am sure this is a woefully poor explanation.) I encourage Martin to read up on/watch some videos on the Big Bang Theory. My point is simply that scientists do not believe that the planets formed at exactly the same moment. There is no controversy here.

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This is not arguing just attempting to clarify and understand> I have watch videos to this effect as to what you are saying and the very part of the video that makes me have questions is this part> the natural chemical and physical laws that govern the elements caused them to attract to each other{and others to repel}which in turn caused motion, spinning,which i believe was further powered by stars{ie suns which pulled the material into a pattern of Orbit.} the question i ask is why we have a need to explain it like that when just to say the creator God did it, it would be the same and suffice as well. where did the laws come from that govern the universe? the only answer that makes sense is God the creator put them in place to work as they have. Arguing God did it is NO cop out as naturalistic evolutionist{not you} insist that it is But it only is logical and makes sense in the end ,it is not illogical to claim God did it it at all.


I feel like this is jumping from lilipad to lilipad:-) I was responding specifically to your question of how the planets can be different ages if the all came into existence at the same second - which you indicated was the Big Bang theory. For anyone else reading this thread that may be under the same impression, I tried to more accurately describe pur current understanding of planet development and that our current understanding eliminates the need to question why the ages of the planets differ.

Now you seem to be asking why I wouldn’t just say God did it. I believe He did. He set everything in motion. He makes the physical laws that govern the universe. He allows us, through science, to see bits and pieces of His great mind. I can say that the lake outside my window has waves. Most people would say that those waves follow the laws of physics, not that God did it. But, most Christians would inherently believe that He did. Make sense?

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If all the planets exploded/expanded out at the same second into space, how is the furthest one out any older than the closest one to us? they would all have to be the same age exactly because they all came into the picture at the same moment in time. is that not correct?


I am going to try to insert an image that can probably depict this in its proper timeline:

Source is NASA Space Place. (Yes, this is basic, but I think it at least answers the question:-)

The main point is that the Bang (or whatever tool God used to initiate the universe) did not instanteously spawn fully formed planets. There were multiple chemical reactions over long periods of time that generated cosmic pieces that amalgamated to form planets at different times through the history of the cosmos. Does that help?

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They didn’t. You are asking a question based on erroneous information.

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Hi @martin, it’s always nice to know more about the universe and how God created it! @BradKramer, here you go ;), it’s an honor to be the house astrophysicist here. Martin, to save me a lot of ink, you could watch the following short video in which the Big Bang is explained:

The universe used to be filled with only very dense matter. After some amount of expansion, it was cool enough for stars to form. They form from dust clouds that collapse under gravity. That happens all the time. Planets are actually formed from the dust that rotates around a particular star. So all planets in our solar system are the same age as the Sun. Star formation happens all the time, we can actually see it happening because newborn stars emit a lot of blue light. Maybe an interesting image for you is the telescope picture of the so-called Pillars of Creation:

Those huge pillars are actually clouds of dust in which new stars are being formed. The misty blue light around it is caused by the newborn stars formed in the clouds. These stars are emitting light that is being absorbed by the pillars and heating them up.


Pretty good video. The importance of the predicted discovery of the background radiation cannot be overstated.

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