The Bible on Astrology (which I don't approve of)

Just thought I’d get it out of the way that I believe Astrology is a load of hokum, therefore I agree with the prophets that preoccupation with Astrology is an idolatrous waste of time.

But I find it interesting that the Biblical writers did not outright deny the existence of Astrology, they just denied that the Israelite should worry about it, since the stars were appointed to rule over the pagan nations (Deut 4:19), whilst Israel had YHWH.

According to Judges 5:20-21, the movement of the stars ‘in their courses’ caused a river to overflow and destroy Sisera’s army.

Seems like yet another part of the Bible’s pre-scientific worldview

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I’m not sure how to interpret that verse, but what you say does sound similar to the way “other gods” are treated in the Old Testament. The authors also don’t deny the existence of other gods or that some miraculous signs can be done in their names (Egyptian priests, etc.) – they just reiterate that God is more powerful than all of them.


Prophecies. Wise men from the East. Rising star. Herod having a hissy fit.

You may not like it, but astrology plays a role in the New Testament, too.

I classify astrology as what I call a “personality game” and as such it serves a very important function in psychological health in getting people to reflect or think about themselves (both positive and negative aspects). Like religion it gets people to make decisions about what kind of person they want to be and thus astrology becomes a tool for building their identity. I have little doubt that astrology can go a bit too far, such as when it makes prophesies, or it is used to manipulate people.


Please don’t tell me you believe in astrology

Astrology is based on the well known principle that people believe any mildly flattering statement made about them.

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People love to sort themselves into groups or categories that help them better understand themselves. There are many different systems for sorting, for example Enneagrams, Gardner’s domains of intelligence, the Myers-Briggs Personality Types, and the tried and true astrology systems (to name just a few of the systems that are floating around out there). So I agree with @mitchellmckain that astrology can be a useful identity-building tool when added to other tools and not used for purposes of prophecy or manipulation.

Says me, the Taurus Sun/Taurus Ascendant super stubborn Naturalist Investigator Advocate.

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