The Bible and the Big Bang

A Canadian CBC Radio program aired an interview with Adam Hinks a Jesuit with a PhD in Astrophysics at the University of Toronto with a joint appointment with St Michaels College who teaches a course entitled “The Bible and the Big Bang”. Here is a link to the interview:


Good article! It would be interesting to have him on a podcast. Just to get the discussion going, what has been the experience of the forum participants regarding the openness of scientists to religion? From the article:

spiritual belief requires you to check your intellect at the door. How do you counter a view like that?

I think it’s actually a minority view. When you look at the broad sweep of history, and when you look at scientists today. The ordinary scientists may or might not be religious, like the general population, but in my experience, scientists are fairly open-minded. Many of them are spiritual. Many of them are religious.


I liked this quote from the article too …

…whatever similarities we can draw between the things that we know about the world and God, the dissimilarities will always be greater.

The “apophatic tradition” … I like that.

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It wasn’t mentioned in the short trascript, but I would be stunned if Father Hincks failed to mention that one of the earliest proponents of the Big Bang theory was himself a Jesuit priest, George Lemaitre.

Thanks for sharing that one. Like JPM, I wish it were a podcast

He probably gives that information in larger lectures.

Hi Phil Can you please pass on the suggestion of having Adam Higgs on a podcast. I can’t find any way to send an email directly to Jim Stump.

That is Adam Hincks!

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Will pass it along to the podcast team.

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