The bible affirms that god used two expansions (big-bang) to create the universe and not one as science says

I will start with this very simple: Science says that the universe was created through ONE SINGLE BIG-BANG; but the bible says that the universe was created by God with TWO BIG-BANG, (and the bible explains why) with ONE SINGLE BIG-BANG; it would be impossible, but impossible, impossible to create a UNIFORM universe as it is this one that we inhabit; THAT’S WHAT SCIENCE KNOWS, and science knows also that for the universe to be uniform ENERGY AND MATTER (which is a state of energy) must have been trapped in ONE PLACE, and with a single big-bang that would be impossible; but the bible states that they were two big-bang, which God used to create the universe. The bible describes that when there was the first expansion described in Prov. 8: 27-28; a space opens that the Bible calls abyss; Gén 1: 2; and that abyss or space remained static, because the first element that is formed when this first EXPANSION occurs as the Bible calls it (BB calls it science) is hydrogen and then helium, lithium and so on until forming the seventh element of the periodic table, but the EIGHT ELEMENT THAT IS THE OXYGEN IS NOT FORMED yet; for this reason the shock wave begins to lose speed because of the lack of oxygen and the law of gravity, which is ALREADY PRESENT in this space that already has energy and mass and that is NOT yet the UNIVERSE, begins to pull this wave towards the center, preventing this space (abyss) GROW, and keeps it static for millions of years and begin to form in that space, THE LIGHT, be the light and was the light. Gén 1: 3; and this in turn to be attracted by the existing gravity begins to form the first stars as described by Gén. 1: 4 AND GOD SEPARATED THE LIGHT OF DARKNESS: GOOD TO SUMMARIZE: the hydrogen retained in that space without exit begins to be heated by the light and heat generated by the stars and the second BB or expansion is produced as described in the bible in Gehen, 1: 6 and Prov. 3:20; that space created by the first BB was not contracted because it describes the bible that there is an opposite force (which is not Einstein’s cosmological constant) which is known by science as: THE DARK ENERGY, describes the bible that this new rising force in that space, GROW and bend to the law of gravity and take control from the second day of God’s creation; I leave this subject until here because it is very extensive; but not without first telling them that with this information now science can have a solution to three unknowns that have baffled scientists until now: one: how could a completely uniform universe have been formed, two: scientists DO NOT KNOW why light has come so quickly to the edges of the known universe and three: NEVER KNOW, read it again: SCIENTISTS ALSO KNOW: where it was born, how it originated and what the DARK ENERGY is made of. Now I suggest you read the recently published book: SCIENTIFICALLY BIBLICAL EVIDENCE OF THE EXISTENCE OF GOD. In this book, the subject of the big-bang TWO is very well explained, the book is available on Amazon in digital or paper. God will guide us to all truth.

The Bible doesn’t explain science. Scientists do.

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@Fares would you be open to me critiquing your post from a physics standpoint? Something like this:

It says what? The Big Bang Theory doesn’t actually describe the beginning of the universe, only what happened after it began. It is a common misconception which lets me know that you need to study the topic from some cosmologists more before doing anything else.

Can you explain how the lack of oxygen would slow a shock wave? Oxygen is formed in stars and appears to have been formed 600 million years after the Big Bang.

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God indeed guides us to truth, but I feel all truth is not something we know in this life.
Related to that, the Bible tells us much truth about God, our place in creation, and how we relate to God and each other, but it is does not try to communicate scientific theories or scientific information.
I feel that to try to inject scientific meaning into scripture that is not addressing such topics detracts from the message it is trying to communicate, and is a problem we have to guard against whether Evolutionary Creationists or literal 6 day young earth creationists.


Hello Matthew Pevarnik, I am pleased to exchange with you; when the first expansion described in Prov. 8: 27-28 occurs. the principle of creation really happens; This first expansion opens a space in the nothing that the bible calls: abyss. Immediately the first element called hydrogen is created and with only four molecules of it (four pairs of valences) helium is produced and the hydrogen atoms when hitting the helium atoms produce: light. Not by chance God in what the bible calls: day one; create the light; and with this light begins the formation of stars by the law of gravitational attraction already existing, because there is already energy and mass that is what is needed for the law of gravity to appear. Verse four says: AND GOD SEPARATED THE LIGHT OF DARKNESS. Gén 1: 4; As you can see, here is the law of gravity acting in this verse and the formation of stars begins and that is why there is still no oxygen and for this reason the shock wave loses speed and creates a static space (abyss) that lasted millions of years, until that space was filled with hydrogen in its entirety and with the heat of the stars it was reheated (the hot hydrogen always explodes) and the second expansion described in Gén took place. 1: 6 AND SAID GOD HAS EXPANSION IN THE MIDST OF THE WATERS. What waters? how were they created? The stars already existed. That is why the universe is uniform. I hope this response is in line with what was expected. For more information on this topic; I recommend reading chapter one and two of the book: SCIENTIFICALLY BIBLICAL EVIDENCE OF THE EXISTENCE OF GOD.

Mr Guizar,


I can’t find this book. Above, it says “Fully,” not “Scientifically.” Please clarify. Thank you!

From what I have read hydrogen and helium were both formed after the big bang. The other elements up to iron were formed in the stars when hydrogen and helium are burned. This would include oxygen BTW so it has been around since the nuclear fires in stars were first started.

I was able to attend a lecture series by Dr. Robert Jastrow on the big bang back in the Dark Ages but my memory is fuzzy to say the least.

Amazon only shows a version in Spanish.

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Here is a hint… use paragraphs

Randi, this book is only sold on Amazon and in Spanish language.

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