The Amazon rainforest fires and evangelical bad theology

By now you’ve probably heard of the disastrous fires in the Amazon rainforest. Largely caused by the anti-environmentalism of Brazil’s president (though let’s not get political here). I watched a video by environmentalist George Monbiot, where he blamed the rise of Bolsonaro on evangelical apocalypticism, which actively supports the destruction of the planet to bring about the eschaton.

I think we have every reason to think that Monbiot is right, since evangelicalism is rapidly growing in Latin America. Do you think bad theology is responsible for the Amazon fires?

I don’t think you can nail it down like that , poor farming practices , poor logging practices , poor response time could be just as easily blamed .
I being conservation minded , tend to see us as " stewards "of the earth via dominion ( “with great power comes great responsibility” - spiderman comics ) not everyone has the same perspective .

No. I think it’s irresponsible agricultural practices and ineffective infrastructure. Do you think bad theology is responsible for the California wildfires?

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I doubt theology has a single lick to do with this and its just an unfortunate woe Brazil is dealing with right now.

I was talking with one of my friends in Brazil about the situation this week. He recommended this editorial at the NYT about the complexity of the situation.