The accuracy of global past human population estimates

hi doug. here is one problem. a simple calculation give us no more then 15,000 years for the first human. the current population doubling time is about 50 years. lets say that in the past it was even 1000% slower because of wars, diseases and so on (one doubling in about 500 years/ 500 years to get from 10 people to 20). so we need only 30 doubling to get to the current size. or 15,000 years. we have another evidence for a young earth.

You may want to compare your population model with this one.

patrick. they just assume it. even they admit: : “The slow growth of population over the 8,000-year period, from an estimated 5 million to 300 million in 1 A.D., results in a very low growth rate—only 0.0512 percent per year. It is difficult to come up with an average world population size over this period.”-

so i show a simple calculation they show they wrong. by the way- whatn about the other discussion about sonar?

Hi Patrick
This article is a nice example how small mistakes can lead to severe errors. I remember the 1970 article quit well. It was not about 75% of the people but about 75% of the (beta) scientists. Due to the war and the economic boom following the war, their number had exploded. Please read my posts about the history of humanity and how I came to different conclusions, which you will probably find absurd.

Hi Dough
Prof. Bryan Sykes did research on mitochondrial DNA and concluded that all people are descending from a single woman who lived 150 millennia BD and from 33 different women who lived less than 30 millennia ago. He even located the 33 regions where they had lived. His Italian opponent did a similar research on the Y-chromosome and found that all males are descending from a single male who lived 60 millennia ago. Read his interesting book “The Seven Daughters of Eve”.
The conclusion is that there were worldwide floods 150, 60 and some 15 millennia ago, reducing the world population to a single small survival group, not larger than a few people, 150 and 60 millennia ago, and 33 small survival group some 15 millennia ago. The last one is the Flood mentioned in the Bible. It was a worldwide flood, but it did not destroy Sibiria because the flood was parallel to the North coast of Siberia. Their civilization had reached the level we had before the industrial revolution. On Internet you can find the CO2-footprint of four previous human civilizations that were whipped if the surface of the Earth. But before that they solved their CO2 problems and had far more than ten millennia to develop space travel and to go to the stars.
Look at my posts about the history of humanity and tell me where I’m wrong.

There is a mountain of recent papers on the migration of human populations over the past 300,000 years well beyond the "Seven daughters of eve. Stay current on evolutionary genetic science before making unsubstantiated claims about worldwide floods. The same water has been on the earth for 4.5 billion years. Plate tectonics drive the movement of continents and the creation of oceans and seas. Records of frozen oceans (snowball earths) but not of global floods of continents with land animals on them the past over the 300 million years.

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