That’s a Wrap: Completion of the BioLogos Basics Video Series

The final video answers the question, "What's the Point?"
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It’s a good series. But on this last one I noticed that you said “evidences,” which is a creationist word. Just plain “evidence” would be better.

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This is GREAT material!

The discussion of 23 human chromosomes vs. 24 chromosomes of chimps… and how at some point in human evolution, scientists hypothesized that 2 chromosomes fused so that the population that would eventually become human only had 23 chromosomes!

Brilliant … they found the single chromosome that had an extra centromere and two end-pieces (telomeres) fused in the middle… just as would be predicted!

Below is a screen shot with a few additional lines of text to make up for the fact that it doesn’t have the audio commentary that the video does…

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