Testimonies to the Incarnation

This post:

got me thinking, especially after this one:

due to which I then watched this:

Between the video Terry posted and the one just above, I am once again convinced that the Shroud is the authentic burial cloth of Christ – and that it has survived as a testimony to the Incarnation by showing us the moment of the Resurrection.

Does anyone know of anything else that could be considered a testimony of the Incarnation?


Vaporized? Then it wouldn’t count as a resurrection – the concept back then was that the same body returned, only renewed.

In one of those videos it’s explained that researchers have found radiation to duplicate the coloring on the microfibers of the Shroud; IIRC it was forty nanoseconds of extremely intense UV; if the entire image was done that way at once it would have required thirty-four trillion watts of power.

I’ve been trying to figure out what this has to do with anything . . . . no luck.

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Is it too naive to say: The Gospels?

That’s actually a good point, though it takes a but more work to demonstrate that. With the Shroud it’s simple enough to say that scientists have found that a sudden burst of energy of the right kind would have “imprinted” the image on the linen cloth, and the only reasonable explanation is that burst of energy came from the moment Jesus resurrected to His more glorious state, i.e. when His mortal “put on” the immortal. But for the Gospels it’s more involved (though I will concede that authors such as Gary Habermas have done great jobs at making the evidence and arguments accessible).

I’m not touching The Shroud.
I will gladly leave it to you gentlemen.

The greatest testimony is the persistence of Christianity.
Also more modern witnesses like the author of “Who moved the stone?” One converted sceptic is worth several hundred old faithfulls.


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