Teaching the Gospel to kids


Good morning, thank you for keeping this forum rich of very interesting resources.
I’m a teacher of Math but I’m also involved in teaching Christian Faith to children or young people in local communities.

I’m writing since I’ve made a method to involve children in reading and studying the Bible and the Gospel from the interesting perspective of young programmers. Many children are today engaged in programming stories and animations, and this would be a fantastic way of getting them interested in learning the Bible and the Gospel more and better.

Of course, it could be suitable for a homeschooling environment, where kids could feel less the pressure of standardized classes.

It’d be great to receive your comments about it. It’s licensed under the Creative Commons Share Alike license so you can download it anytime.

Please follow the link: Gospel from Scratch

Thank you very much

(Christy Hemphill) #2

Thanks Roberto for this very creative idea for what we call “Scripture Engagement” in my field.

I know my children spend all their allotted screen time on Scratch most days, and I especially liked the idea of using the social networking aspect of Scratch to have children share their animation projects with their friends there. A great way to encourage them to be salt and light among their peer group.

(Laura) #3

Thanks for sharing! My kids are a bit young for it yet, but I’ll keep the idea in mind for future. :slight_smile:


Thank you, hope the method is of help to teach the Gospel and maybe the Bible in general.
I’ll try to update and expand it in the future.

(Lilly) #5

Hi. Thank you for sharing. This information is really useful because today it’s hard to find kids that know some gospel or even believe in God. I’m writing an article for https://ukessay.com/write-my-dissertation-for-me about ways to teach your kids the Bible, so can I use your method in it?


Hi @lillysmall, thanks for your interest!
You can use the “Gospel from Scratch” method for sure. I may just suggest to follow the CC licence I published the paper with, that’s all :grinning:

It’d be great to have more people in it. I think children could get interested in knowing the Gospel in a more active way.

I’m thinking also about creating an infographic about it, maybe it’s simpler to read.

Let me know how it goes.

(Lilly) #7

Thank you Roberto.