Teaching Evolution in the 21st Century

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Thanks for this account, Anna. As another school teacher in the sciences (but not biology in my case!) I can really relate to wishing I could go back and revisit various conversations. For me it even involves being on both sides of that in that sometimes I was the instigator who was not advancing any good cause of education or critical thinking (much less the cause of Christ and his kingdom!). Some of those cringe-worthy memories are ones I wish I could undo by … not doing them. But knowing this also helps me have grace in seeing young brash versions of myself now and thinking, yeah … that was me.

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I too am a Biology Teacher but also a Deacon at a Baptist Church. I found introducing science right away as something you observe, not believe in. I then reiterate this when we start talking about Evolution. I make it clear that no one should try to take their faith with science. All those things that they learn on Sunday are still possible (especially now with new advances in science). I had such fun and interesting discussions with my students, that they inspired me to write a book about how the Creation Story and Science may be saying the same thing. Last year I published a second addition of it and always keep a stack of copies in the back of my room. Since I teach in a public school we have to be careful what we say about the topic. If a student has any big questions that we cannot discuss in class, I tell them they can read it in my book that is free for them to keep. They love it and think it is cool they get a present for asking good questions. I too saw resistance to learn Evolution early in my career, but now it seems to go over more smoothly. I even give it to my high school students that I teach at church on Sunday Bible Study when the subject comes up in conversation. After they read it, it makes for some good conversation before Bible Study class. I always try to preface any of these conversations at church with the idea that God is someone we believe in, this universe is something He created and can be observed, and science is the process we use to observe God’s Creation. Since science studies God’s creation science can bring us closer to Him by learning about Him through His creation. It confuses some of our pastors who think science needs to be an enemy of our faith, but putting it in that context makes for some very enjoyable conversations. Since I have also taught Physics and Chemistry many of the same conversations pop up because of what nature is showing us. I wish more people could see the connections between science and our faith instead of having such harsh dialog between opposing views that do nothing but turn of each other from listening.


Thank you for your service! The world needs more people like you, dear sir!

Merry Christmas. (Well, Blessed Advent anyway, for a few more days…)

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