Sweden — it seems ages ago that we discussed their Covid strategy

I wrote in the past that time would tell whether Sweden’s less oppressive approach would work.

An update:

The Brownstone Institute is really good at giving you the appearance of knowledge while misleading people.

If there’s something specific you’d like to talk about in your article, then that could be more fruitful.


It is a general pattern:

The states that did not impose onerous restrictions on their citizens, like Florida, had results no worse than the draconian states of NY and California.

And the states that kept schools open, like Georgia and Florida, did far less damage to children.

Citation, please.

Citation, please.


Fell free to research this yourself.

THe daily emails from The NY Times are instructive.

If you disagree with my statements, you may provide citations.

Doesn’t work that way bud. You made the claim, you can demonstrate it’s true or don’t bother posting unsubstantiated claims.


Based on CDC evidence that masks work, which is cumulative and includes a lot of different sources, it seems to me that extrapolating to states in this way is misleading and excludes scientific bases–more related to implementation and rebellion/lack of following studies.

Based on my own experience with my own kids, I’m not even going to search for evidence on “harm.” My kids–and all those who have had them and shots–have been a lot calmer than the adults. :slight_smile:
Science Brief: Community Use of Masks to Control the Spread of SARS-CoV-2 | CDC


I am too old to get homework assignments from you.

It doesn’t work that way.

Well, I read on the internet that you’re wrong. Think it was LA Times or something.


Randy, from The New York Times:

The most glaring example in the U.S. is that liberal communities, where masks are a cherished symbol of solidarity, have experienced nearly as much Covid spread as conservative communities, where masks are a hated symbol of oppression. Another example is school mask mandates, which don’t seem to have had much effect. A third example is Hong Kong, where mask wearing is very popular (although often not with N95 or KN95 masks, Osterholm notes); Hong Kong has just endured a horrific Covid wave, among the world’s worst since the pandemic began.

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Then I wish you well in your views

Again, let’s look at the scientific studies. Please reference CDC link above. .With epidemiologists at the helm that know how to extrapolate, I’m sticking with them. Anything else–I really don’t have the energy right now. I do think that there are potentially problems with implementation, though, that we could learn from the cited studies, though! Thanks.

The same CDC that thinks mask are needed on airplanes with their excellent air filtration?

I am sorry that they have become political pawns, adept at hiding valuable data.

I have flown close to 3000 miles on airplanes in the past 5 days, and 90% of the passengers were thrilled to shed those face coverings.

Great question! One of the problems with our understanding the CDC has been that we say it’s a monolithic, constant recommendation. What I am learning better now is that CDC changes recommendations based on the type of virus at the time, as well as the incidence. If you review, CDC was likely going to change their mask recommendation on flights in May–but they are really accurate, if you look at it.
That is why they have given different recommendations based on the change in data. That is why they allowed to drop the mask while Delta was majority, for those who were vaccinated–but had to start masking again with Omicron. CDC has county specific mask recommendations now, based on the specific areas. Have you seen them? My county is lower risk, now, and allowed not to mask–though I still have had some patients sick very recently.
I am sure the passengers are glad to stop masking. I hate masking in my gut. However, I am glad to do it when it’s appropriate. CDC has clearer guidelines now, based on stats. They have been much closer to the right recommendations based on the data in the whole span of these last 2 years than any non standard groups. Unfortunately, many could have been saved if we had followed their recommendations more closely. It’s a learning process. I can’t blame people for struggling. It is really frustrating. But I recommend and encourage you to read their information. Dr Walensky has really improved communication, and they are an excellent guidance in way more than Covid alone–for tons of important things. They have specific information for people traveling on mission trips, etc, for malaria and all kinds of things. I think you might really enjoy the site.

Thanks for the post, Randy.

But I have a different impression.

The CDC’s guidance on schools seems to have been completely illogical. Young children had little response to Covid, yet they were either denied schooling, forced to ineffectual distance learning, or forced to wear mask behind plexiglass shields.

It was a travesty.

In reading where Hong Kong went wrong, much seems to be due to a poor immunization rate in the older population, leading to a vulnerable population with neither natural or vaccine acquired immunity. It will be interesting in a bad way if mainland China has a similar experience.


I understand frustration, but if you look.at the experts’ reasoning (there are many citations of multiple experts, based on much more than these elements), it is warranted. Also, they are the experts, with centuries of cumulative experience in total beyond what I know. My kids were proud to help decrease the spread of a virus that killed many people I know. Far from being harmed, they learned lessons in science and caring for others, in Jesus’ manner. We are grateful for the opportunity.
We are all learning, and I have much more to learn from the CDC.


Yes. I read in BBC, I think, that that does seem to be the case in Shanghai.

Even if I’m in a plane if I am sick with a fever and cough on you there is a good chance you’ll get sick also.


Experts in what, Randy?


But medicine is only part of the equation.

The loss of education, socialization, mental health — these factors require different expertise.

And the lesson of what it means to live in a free society ruled by law based on freedoms seems lost on people like Dr. Fauci, who complained that a judge could overrule a government agency based on the law of the land. His expertise in the rule of law was evidently quite incomplete.

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