Summer Heat Reminds Me What Following Jesus is All About

From summer heat waves to splooting animals, the changing climate is impacting everyone. We need to live sacrificially; that’s what following Jesus is all about.

What a great reminder! And did not know “splooting” was a word for that, I just thought the squirrel on my porch I recently posted was melting.

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The article brings up several good factors. Evidence that the climate is changing is becoming harder to ignore. Though many still are in denial and they are the ones we all know. But the weather is not just making you hot. It’s making everyone feel hotter, even if it’s temporarily cooling off where they are, eventually it’s going to get hotter. There is not a lot we can do outside of donations for those in other countries.

But there are some thing you can definitely do for the local wildlife. You can use native plants and hardscaping to create a successional landscape design. When selecting native plants like native trees, you can collect seeds from sunnier spaces or buy saplings grew from hotter areas. They have small ponds that are like 20 gallon ponds that can be placed with the surface just above ground level with a a water level gauge ran off a water hose. You can build a small pergola above it to help keep it cooler. If you have pets you can uplimb woody plants along a fence so they have shady place to lay down. You can fight the HOAs to get them more ecologically sound.

On the sunnier side of your house you build a covered porch with lattice along its front making it hold off a lot more heat. Use lighter colors on your house too.


I had forgotten the word, maybe only being introduced to it within the last couple of years, my native memory and my senior memory being what they are. If it had sprung to mind, I surely would have used it in my reply to your post about the not-flying squirrel.

I go to the effort of sorting my yard waste and using it in alternating layers in large tubs to use as mulch out where I’m planting native trees and shrubs. A sheriff’s deputy once asked if I was dumping yard waste, and I told him if that was my intent then I wouldn’t spend half an hour filling each tub.
Along with planting trees and shrubs I also transplant native ‘weeds’ for ground cover.


That is a fun word. :grin:

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