Struggling with faith

Since there’s no evidence to support the events of Exodus (and other things), I think I am going through a crisis of faith. I want to get closer to God and have been reading a little bit of the Bible every day as well as praying.

Now I am wondering why do any of it if there’s no evidence backing up the Bible’s claims?

Thoughts/assurance needed.


There is evidence to back up much of what the Bible says, though it’s not the kind of evidence that shows the Bible is a reliable history or science textbook.

When I am struggling with these kind of doubts, I find the best medicine is to get out and do something service-related with people whose lives are transformed and being transformed by Christ. That is the most compelling evidence of the reality of God’s New Creation breaking into our world, and you can’t really access it in books or on the internet. God is working all over the place, doing amazing things, bringing his kingdom, making beautiful things out of messes and touching the world with grace.

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Emily, I think we all go through times of doubt, and when you read stories of prominent Christians you see that just about everyone struggled at times. Some of it is worsened in our day by the attitude that the Bible must be literally factual to be truth. It is ironic that those of scientific bent like this site tend to interpret the Bible as truth in a more metaphysic sense, rather than as a collection of facts.
It helps me to read the Bible as a narrative story, rather than to piece individual verses out that are truly difficult to understand freestanding, and easy to misinterpret.
While it has been said many times before in various ways, read the Bible through the lens of Jesus, and as Christy said so well, place faith in action. It is said that love is a verb, not a noun, and much the same can be said of faith.

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