Stewardship, love of Nature, is it Godly?

Dear reader,

To Spinoza, Nature and God were quite synonymous, but when you want to see evolution as a tool of divine intervention, it is a challenge to keep the argument science based. Herbert Spencer the inventor of survival of the fittest feared the thermodynamic heat death of the world, or equilibrium. In 1865 Rudolf Clausius stated: “The energy of the world is constant. The entropy of the world urges towards a state of maximized entropy”. Willard Gibbs described this as the thermodynamic equilibrium. There is no room for a decrease of entropy in that vision of our world. And evolution theory does not discuss the gain of molecular complexity as a decrease of entropy. Photosynthesis delivered the chemical energy for the gain of molecular complexity or decrease of entropy and this is neglected by evolution biologists. There is selection into the addition of chemical energy, but is the added energy that causes a decrease of entropy not the selection. I tried to explain this issue for a long time. I even tried to speak my mind in English, not my native language. Maybe you can understand the point I am trying to make. Kind regards Yoram

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