Spiritual Practices for Earth Day and Beyond

Liuan Huska shares six postures to help Christians respond to the cries of creation. With the Spirit’s help, one day the Earth will no longer groan, but sing.


A beautiful post. I reminds me that creation care is largely a justice issue as the poor and disadvantaged are often the most affected, and Micah 6:8 reminds us that justice is something that is required of us by God.

A blessed read…But!..where is the hope? Hope is things expected Liuan. It takes engineering to design a solution, to design hope. Christ Engineered a solution to death by the Spirit. Now it is up to us to Engineer a solution through the Spirit to Anakainoo this dying Earth. He is giving us an opportunity to work with him and restore his Garden as good stewards in the Spirit in preparation for his return…gardeners of two or three with LOVE in their hearts for his Fathers children and he will be amongst us.
You understand what needs to be…let’s start a drawing on a napkin of solutions you desire, we all desire regardless of our beliefs, a base line all of us on Earth can adopt.

Nice! Term limits for our politicians and laws someone with an basic education can read would go a long way to saving the environment. A socialism that is based on a flat tax* would also ensure that citizens hold their governments accountable because someone else isn’t paying for it. People who are involved are more responsible and make better real world decisions, including those decisions about the environment.

(*)If the majority of voters believe that a certain percentage of their income is what is needed to fund social programs, then that is what everyone pays. With some exception for those below a poverty line, but I’m not sure how that should be factored or how people below that line would count as a voter. People smarter than me can work it out. The thing that is important is that voters are counting the cost and holding their representatives accountable. It’s not a majority of voters deciding for a minority to pay for something that sounds like a good idea.