Speed of Light and the engine of our sun versus young earth theory

Two myths:

  1. Creation of the Earth and/or Universe being only thousands of years (6-10K roughly).
  2. That the universe had death/violence introduced at the fall of mankind in the garden of eden.

Both myths are debunked by these items:

  • speed of light
  • the fusion engine of our sun
  • supernovas (and obviously other things like black holes) that cause
    the extreme and violent disruption and transformation from one
    composition nearby things (planets, astroids etc). Also the
    compromising of the make up of things not
    astronomically close, but near light-years from the event (usually
    within 50-100 light years).

The energy a photon is released with at the core of our sun (any star similar to ours, which there are innumerable quantities of) takes from 6,000 to 170,000 to 10,000,000 years to reach earth, depending of the path out, which is unlikely to be straight (6,000 years) but quit circuitous (10,000,000 years).

The sun is in entropy, it is the only way we get the beneficial and sometimes harmful radiation that earthly life depends on. The sun will die, and in it’s death (unlikely supernova but red giant) all the inner planets will be consumed (aka vaporized) when she dies and collapses into a white dwarf.

Biblical creation says the sun existed first then the moon (greater light, lesser light). If so, then radiation emanated from her and thusly entropy here on earth and elsewhere in the solar system.

The speed of light is 186,000 miles per second. The closest star from earth is 4 light years away. The closest accurately recorded supernova is 10,000,000 light years away. That violent event that vaporized or superheated any planet within AUs of the event and compromised the atmospheres of any planet (if they exist) within 50-100 light years away. That one of thousands of supernova man has experienced and sometimes recorded over written history millenia (many that are much farther away) happened roughly 10,000,000 years ago, roughly. That means whatever life was nearby (within 50-100 light years) was either vaporized or at least compromised or taxed negatively.

That alone states that mankind is by no means the culprit of universal entropy, aka death. And the myth that mankind’s behavior is the reason for the state of the universe is just that, a myth. A myth invented/misinterpreted by mankind.

To me, the bible and other books like it are a guide to get mankind from the rule of limbic impulses to the point of learning the truth of the universe. The story of Jesus is really the guide to getting mankind to forgive. It is the Son of Man who forgives the unforgiven (either self or others). As in, ‘dude, get over it, you have better things to expend your brain waves on’.

Also, this universe is extremely hostile to life. And any life in this universe is a precious and rare commodity. Is life on earth the only life in the universe. I seriously doubt it and certainly hope we are not alone. Life in this universe is likely quite rare and in a delicate situation as to all the common perils (astroids, comets, blackholes, supernovas, etc. etc.). Now that I think of it, it behooves life that the universe is expanding as it makes the perils just a little less near-term.

Personally, I cannot wait until we find life beyond earth because it will be a welcome paradigm shift, and hopefully, it will help end the religious extremism (Christian, Muslim, Buddist, I-AMer, whatever) that plagues earth.

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Ninksink, you have made an interesting point. However, you have made some unprovable assumptions also, and then drawn conclusion from your assumptions. In scientific terms you cannot do that. You cannot say to someone driving a car for example, “If there was a person standing in the road, you would have driven right over them, and therefore you are guilty of manslaughter.” This is what you are doing when you speculate about other planets and life on these unseen planets which do not exist, and then argue that God created death and disease on the planet. Thus you have no argument that man’s disobedience did not originate sin and death on earth.

Yes this universe is hostile (not conducive) to life. Which makes it amazing that we find an earth here which has such an abundant life. This earth, in just the right relation to the sun in the solar system, with just the right conditions for water, clouds, atmosphere, the right tilt for seasons, the right rotation and orbit for days and seasons, the right diameter, the right size moon, and the right location in the galaxy to observe the rest of the universe. Apparently there are more than twenty, perhaps 40 unique conditions for a planet which need to be met for life, and Amazing how unique and unlikely the earth actually is. And yet it is here. Wow!

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Apparently, there are hundreds of unique conditions for life on this planet, and so I underestimated by indicating there were only 40. My apologies.

Johnz, you have made many excellent points. However, in the process of pointing out the flaws in Ninkskin’s analysis, I was a bit surprised that you referred to “unique conditions” for life on earth. How do you know that they are unique? I’m not saying that they can’t be unique but after flagging Ninksink’s unsupported claims, don’t you think it also presumptuous to assume “unique conditions” for life on earth?

I don’t know whether or not there is biological life elsewhere in the universe. But I also don’t know if the conditions on earth are unique ones. Or am I misunderstanding what you are saying?

After browsing this very interesting website, I appreciate your comments providing an important point of view on many of the topics, because I know that your views represent those of a significant percentage of Christians. It is not my own view but I learn more when I can observe discussion and debate from believers who disagree.

I say, “unique” because, so far as we know, they are unique conditions for life. For sustained life. for life of the type as we know it, and for life in general as we have discovered no other life so far anywhere else, nor the conditions necessary for this type of life. so therefore, unique.

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