Speaking of Christian school materials and distrust of science

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Continuing the discussion from Can anyone provide examples of YEC resources that promote distrust of science?:

Someone in a discussion group I’m in posted this photo on Facebook. She took them in the library at the Christian school where she teaches.

Evidently the school has a “Christian dictionary.” What is wrong with Webster’s you might ask? Well, evidently he did not define evolution to their satisfaction.

And people complained that Jim Stump’s 10 Misconceptions About Evolution were all a bunch of straw men ideas that no one actually holds.

Well, let’s examine exhibit A

The “first law of science” is a new one to me.

Then of course there is the typical confusion between abiogenesis and evolution, the improper invoking of the “laws of thermodynamics” (If we’re going to invoke them, shouldn’t we just invoke the 2nd anyway?), “scientists” in quotation marks…


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“The First Law Of Science” caught my eye too. As a science teacher I should probably be familiar with that, but it caught me entirely unawares. And if the parenthetical description of that “law” is accurate (that “nothing is now being created”), then I guess this would make this a “non-biblically informed Christian dictionary.”

While we’re in the business of showing pics, here is the BJU take (from a Christian geometry book I used to use) on what makes a good definition:

According to these good BJU folks, I think the dictionary publishers may have stumbled a bit on the last couple of points. (not to mention the ‘accuracy’ in point number 3.) They score very good points on #1 – being clear … about their agenda that is.


Yikes and sad both. Do you know who published that dictionary?

My reading program (Mennonite) has a whole story to “disprove” evolution. I use secular science materials, and I’ve seen a few secular sources that take some unnecessary strikes at faith as well.

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It was Gospel Light Publications.

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