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(Phil) #1

I came across this at the Babylon Bee. It pokes fun at evolution, but if we can’t laugh at ourselves, who can we laugh at? If we laugh at anyone else, it violates our gracious dialogue policy.
Anyway, you add satirical comments as you wish. The article is pretty ID oriented, but the door is cracked open for elaboration.

(Phil) #2

Yet to be fully understood is “The Great Leap Forward” when phones evolved from analog to digital, opening communication channels in amazing ways.

(Mervin Bitikofer) #3

As a PC (and non-Apple phone) user, I must object that this account leaves unaddressed the elephant in the room: the fall. Evil took over pretty quickly and early in that development. The evidence is there, plain as day, of that early and catastrophic rebellion: the fruit. You can even see the bite taken out of it!

(Phil) #4

Of course Androids are an example of common design, even though evolutionists insist on saying they are an example of convergent evolution.

(Casper Hesp) #5

One difficulty for the evolutionists is to prove the existence of all transitional devices from single-celled pagers all the way up to the fully developed Androids. The documentation of the development history of the devices appears to be somewhat incomplete…

Meanwhile, Young-Android Creationists are having a difficult time telling the difference between fully Android and non-Android devices purely on technical grounds. Surely this does not sit well with their belief that all phones must be either completely Android OR completely non-Android.

(David Heddle) #6

I removed the battery and the phone has no function. Ergo, Irreducible Complexity.

(James McKay) #7

Fact: On Apple Macs, since they are based on Unix, background processes are called “daemons.” On Windows, on the other hand, background processes are called “services.”

(Ray Bailey) #8

Was the Apple there before the dreaded DOS? No! We are forgetting the entire pantheon of pre-created objects, some came from the deity UNIX, and others from the evil MS DOS. This was long before the creation (evolution or otherwise) of the Taxonomy of Mobile Phone, or the highly evolved Smart Phone!

“In the beginning was the Analog, and the Analog was with Turing, and the analog was Turing. The same was in the beginning with Digital.”"
From the Book of Turing: 01:01-11 (binary remember!)

(Ray Bailey) #9

Oh, Jim! I have never seen! Hilarious! It is now in my favorite’s list. (are you sure you’re a Christian reading BabylonBee? Shame!)

Ray :sunglasses:

(Phil) #10

I enjoy reading it, and it is actually run by Christians. I think satire is one of the best ways to examine what we do and whether we are consistent and true. The Bible is full of satire when you look for it. I wonder if anyone has compiled a book of humor and satire, along with sarcasm as used in the Bible. Might be a neat project.


This is obviously an example of micro-evolution since an iPhone is still in the Phone kind. In order for this to be evidence of macroevolution it would need to evolve into something like a toaster or a microwave.

(Phil) #12

Of course conditions were very different before the great Flood of Information, leading to the creation of the Mega-phones (as opposed to the megaphones, a different phyla) such as the Bag Phone and the Mobile Phone with their large external antennae.

(Ray Bailey) #13

I was wondering if anyone knows the theology of the Phone. I heard that at one time the Apple had replaced the Blackberry in the Garden. Steve Jobs told everyone to consume the Apple instead of the Blackberries!

Ray :sunglasses:

(Expert Expertovich) #14

Can u say something about a mobile tracker on Android ?

(RiderOnTheClouds) #15

If IPhone 7s came from IPhone 6s, why are there still IPhone 6s’?

(Lynn Munter) #16

Ha! Aw, I missed this the first time around!

How can we really know anything for sure about what created our smartphones before they were in our hands? It could have been anywhere or by anyone! We have no idea how they were created, and we can’t ever go back in time to look, so it will forever be a mystery!

(David Heddle) #17

Evolution smevalution. The evidence that the modern iPhone and dinosaurs (the Ateeteeticus FlipFonicus) coexisted is irrefutable:

(Mervin Bitikofer) #18

Ahh – but you and @Reggie_O_Donoghue continue to misunderstand what “I”-volution is: If you go back far enough, both of these things have a common ancestor:


What’s that you say? This device can’t be used to communicate? But it can. Somebody could hold it up for a visual or throw it across the room at somebody else. Thus its visual properties or aerodynamic properties would be selected for. Hence the incremental development into the different phyla today. Please don’t make me post pics of all the transitional forms.

(Larry Bunce) #19

Proof that the abacus was the ancestor of all computer circuitry was published decades ago.
An x-ray view of a computer chip showed an abacus inside, an obvious vestigial survival of the original form.

(Juan Romero) #20

Oh man, I love the Babylon Bee.