Society of Catholic Scientists to hold Conference on Origins

The Society of Catholic Scientists will hold a Conference on Origins Apr 21–23, 2017 in Chicago.

The conference will bring together researchers on all aspects of origins, from cosmos to consciousness. Specific topics will include current cosmological ideas on the beginning and fate of the universe, fine-tuning and multiverse ideas, habitable planets and astrobiology, the origin of life, the evolution of species, and the origin of intelligence and consciousness.

Some of the board members/speakers should be familiar to BioLogos readers who have been around here any length of time, including Br. Guy Consolmagno and Stephen Barr. My favorite, Ken Miller, will be speaking also.

Hope they will be recording it.

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The conference is open only to members of the Society. Membership requires a PhD in an area of natural science, and current teaching and/or research in the field. That would leave most of us out. The goals of the SCS sound very similar to those of BioLogos.

The lectures sound fascinating, and the conference is only about 8 mi from my house. I hope they post the lectures online, but I can’t find anything on Youtube from previous SCS conferences.


This is their first conference. I’ll try to find out if they will be streaming the lectures in any way.

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