Society and The Bible

In the bible we are reminded that we are not from this world . Can we like get how hard it is to live in this world . I mean society expects you to be like them ,be that certain stereotype. No wonder people do commit suicide. Everyone who is not bond of the rules of society is an outcast. Everyone who is mentally ill is treated like a demon. Everyone who doesnt agree with something its consider ‘neatherdal’. Rules made by small minded ‘Christians’ as well. Honestly no reason trying to bring people to Christ. Its just pointless nowdays. At least thats what i believe. So what are your thoughts ?

I think that’s why various groups like discussed in the recent podcast are very important:

A couple of things…

Father honors obedience, and there is such a thing as future reward. It is Jesus’ command, and if we love him, we will obey. We may not all be evangelists, but we do have some part in it.

If more people get adopted into the Kingdom, we will have more friends to enjoy eternity with, and more friends in eternity to enjoy. So it’s not pointless.

Jesus’ motivation was forward looking. You may have seen this, since I’ve posted it before in different places here, but a favorite verse of mine is Hebrews 12:2 –

For the joy set before him, he endured the cross…

That joy is us(!), if we have been adopted into his family.

Nick, I think Christians can expect Christians to act like Christians, but we should not expect unbelievers to act like Christians.

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Is this based on what you see of Christianity, or in what you know of the Christian faith?
As far as I can see, if bringing people to Christ makes them behave in a better manner, that must be a good thing, right?


Not if they dont show a friendly like character

If a Christian is not showing the aspects of Love then maybe they are not true Christians?
Christ said that not all those who call Lord, Lord are true. He also said that we are known by our behaviour. I apologise if you have had bad experiences with professing Christians, but…

I can assure you that the primary aim is love not theology.


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